Yang Zi was the golden eagle goddess, sent a message to Ma Tianyu, and saw the chat record I served!

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Yang Zi was the golden eagle goddess, sent a message to Ma Tianyu, and saw the chat record I served!

2018-09-13 20:25:14 233 ℃

Two years of Golden Eagle Festival, I believe that many people are very concerned, especially the Golden Eagle goddess in the Golden Eagle Festival, so that everyone is particularly concerned, the various voting gates on the Internet have been opened, all fans who like their idols They are all vying to vote.

At present, the highest winner is Di Lieba, and Yang Zi is closely followed by Golden Eagle. The festival is not far away. Everyone is very concerned about who the Golden Eagle goddess is, especially the fans who like them, and they started voting for their idols. It is not difficult to find out that the development of Di Lieba and Yang Zi has been very good these years, especially Di Lieba. After participating in "Running", it has been loved by many fans. Everyone thinks Di Lieba is not only beautiful, but also good in performance. There is no such thing as acting. The works in these two years have a very good reputation. Therefore, everyone is very optimistic about the election of Di Lieba.

Yang Zi has made remarkable achievements this year. The earlier "Ode to Joy" is very popular among everyone. She has been praised by many people for her "The Legend of the White Snake of the Scorpio" and "Sweet Honey and Frost". Many people think that the progress of Yang Zi is very big, especially in recent years. Interpretation of various roles, so that everyone is very recognized for her acting skills, so many works, I believe that Yang Zi is also a kind of affirmation and encouragement is not it? Judging from the number of votes on the Internet, Di Lieba ranked first, and Yang Zi ranked second. The number of votes between the two is also very small, but the competitiveness is very strong. I saw the power of the two fans in the days.

However, relying on fans is a way, and you can’t do it yourself. No, Yang Zi started. The circle of friends pulled up the ticket for himself. In the chat record with Ma Tianyu, she first sent a golden eagle voting channel to Ma Tianyu, and then directly said: "Go! Vote for me!" Is it too direct? ? However, for Ma Tianyu, although the vote is a vote, he must first ridicule Yang Zi, so he deliberately Aite has a Golden Eagle Festival official blog, but also with the text: You give her a goddess, after all, the popular actresses I personally canvassed the ticket! I don't know if Yang Zi saw this news, would it be necessary to reprimand Ma Tianyu, but this chat record Xiaobian is really convinced!

It’s good to be so blunt in a friend, isn’t it? However, Ma Tianyu seems to be deliberate and like it, so that Yang Zi did not know how to pick him up. I still remember when the "Xiangmi" was broadcasted earlier, Ma Tianyu also sent out a message about Yang Zi "coercing" him in Weibo. Maybe Yang Zi is to let Ma Tianyu give her a new drama. Ma Tianyu is also helpless on Weibo. This is said: "I am forced to die by death, and there is a bloody dialogue. I will not give it to you. I will learn about it." Although it is funny, it is still publicized for Yang Zi. People are also very familiar with each other. However, it is not difficult to see from various indications that Yang Zi is very valued for this Golden Eagle goddess!

I don’t know, although Yang Zi has the heart to vote, I don’t know what the result will be? In the face of such a strong competitor, will there be some small flaws in my heart? However, there is still some time left from the final conclusion. Who will wait for the final result? I just don’t know if Yang Zi is going to draw votes for this period. In any case, Yang Zi’s performance in recent years is still very optimistic. After all, his own works are so many, but Di Lieba is still very popular, and Yang Zi is also trying to work harder.

Yang Zi is the golden eagle goddess, send a message to Ma Tianyu, see the chat record I served! I don't know who is optimistic about this Golden Eagle goddess? Is Yang Zi or Di Lieba? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area, Xiaobian will reply to you in the first time!