Appreciation of ugliness | The most terrible fashion week in China, finally appeared

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Appreciation of ugliness | The most terrible fashion week in China, finally appeared

2018-09-13 20:25:14 123 ℃

Speaking of China’s most terrible local fashion week, Beijing Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week has always been in a state of court resistance, the design of the ghosts and ghosts in the show, the street shooting of the demon and ghosts outside the show, has become the biggest feature of China Fashion Week.

However, this time, Beijing and Shanghai Fashion Week have both lost. Because Mr. Dianchi found: On the land in the southern part of China's North China Plain, a large-scale singing and dancing costume hodgepodge was held in the past few days - Zhengzhou International Fashion Week.

Flying smoked north nose on the red carpet:

The nightclub reception of the perennial alcoholic beverage, may I ask the lady if you have something?

Sexy, angry fishnet brother, and the pigeons on the head Nesting goddess.

The graceful male version of Dae Jang Geum .

Three pounds of flour on his face Sister flowers.

and the wrong chain Bro.

The devils and ghosts outside the show are just appetizers. The various performances in the show will make you feel like: It’s nothing like Fashion Week.

There will be a Korean singer’s sing-along performance, and flashing eyes, I don’t know if I’m watching a country tour concert.

One will be sexy and hot Stripping dance, let you think that you came to the nightclub in minutes.

And the next second, let you feel the warmth of the Spring Festival Evening in advance.

Can present such a fashion week’s T-stage, which is also a self-contained Pangu’s move since the beginning of the day.

Of course, the audience who can come to observe this large-scale cultural performance is not unusual for others:

< /p>

One side is the leadership meeting that will begin the year-end summary, feeling under One second will instill a wolf culture.

The other side is a large farmer trade In the market, friends and family are carefully picking the goods they want to wholesale.

As for the photographer below, maybe It was the old Master of Sanlitun in Beijing who changed office.

Do you think these are scary enough? No, this is just a precursor to a nightmare.

This Zhengzhou International Fashion Week lasted for 5 days and was divided into private custom joint shows. Dozens of links, such as the International College Student Fashion Design Competition and the Zhengzhou International Fashion City Festival, gather dozens of brands that you won't know, such as Li Shu, Yes, Long Yao, etc., comparable to the mysterious fashion black hole.

The first is the design of this yellow theme Models feel the fear of being dominated by this yellow flower that is bigger than the face.

Let’s get a feel for this flower , and the helpless look of the model...

< Strong>The lens is far away, the models are on stage, and Mr. Dianchi can't help but think of a poem: Ah! so big! A big piece of rapeseed field!

There was also a model collective poisoning incident in the show:

< /strong>

One of them has become ill with a look:

There is also a red-winged oriental red, which uses life to write a new chapter in the motherland:

A female killer without feelings:

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Packaged biochemical monsters:

And where is the heart of the sea:

Ask: I have This fantastic Zhengzhou International Fashion Week, held at the same who depend on New York Fashion Week? Following a wave of GIF map, so you feel immersive design charm from Zhengzhou International Fashion Week.

Sexy and elegant Home servant:

Masked Woman:

< /p>

Cream Shinchan's Crayon Shinchan:

The ghost of the soul:

and the sweetheart’s sweetheart:

Zhengzhou International Fashion Week,Easily defeated Beijing and Shanghai fashion with one shot Week, it can be seen that the strength cannot be underestimated. The colorful carpets, nightclub-level songs and dances, and inscrutable designs, tell the world in a new way: in addition to fashion, we have done everything else.

Mr. Dianchi does not want to further study the future development of China's garment industry, silently looking forward to Zhengzhou International Fashion next year. Zhou, can create brilliant achievements.