After the fall, the dream of "Yimeng Yao" is achieved! Signing up directly to become the first angel in China

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After the fall, the dream of "Yimeng Yao" is achieved! Signing up directly to become the first angel in China

2018-09-14 20:25:33 106 ℃

Just in the secret of the official announcement, Meng Meng Yao became the secret of the Greater China to go to the brand angel? She presented her new look to the 2018 secret.

A lot of people, huh, this is really after the wrestling, fell out of the name, the secret of this secret is very hot.

Subsequently, Meng Mengyao forwarded this microblog, thanking the official secret trust, and accepting all the voices humbly, thank you all. Care, will not let everyone down.

After this issue, the whole network is controversial directly on the microblogging hot search, a slap in the face, in fact she There is indeed a mistake, but she is still good at resources.

I saw that the netizens said that it was awesome. Last year, I lost my secrets to my secretaries. This year, I still have a face. Really, I am grateful to her for her enthusiasm. I didn’t fall over last year. Last night, it became the hottest topic in the half-month.

In a paradox, many people began to question her abilities.

However, the founder and chief producer of the Secret Show, Chip Quigley, said in an interview after the show that the performance of Meng Mengyao meets the requirements of the secret angels. The fall event will not affect her future. Cooperation with the Secretary. Some analysts believe that this is clearly in line with the public relations strategy of a global company, because the story of Yu Meng Yao wrestling is an excellent opportunity to establish a brand's humanitarian image.

In this way, Meng Mengyao still has "ability." Otherwise, this step will not be mixed, and now the cousin of the secret secretary will not come.

It can only be said that this fall of Mengmeng Yao has become her next year's development. This year is full of resources. , what L'Oreal image spokesperson, brand show, luxury goods, secret film shooting where she has.

In any case, the secret has long been a lot of secrets, look at this year The net red player knows it. It can only be said to be a commercial show. It is normal to be hot, but it has already gone wrong.

The next step is to wait, how to make the next secret, and let your ratings and sales decline.


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