Yi Qian Qianxiu show "muscle" to lead the battle, the real muscle man in the entertainment circle is these!

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Yi Qian Qianxiu show "muscle" to lead the battle, the real muscle man in the entertainment circle is these!

2018-09-17 10:25:11 291 ℃

Small fresh meat is easy to get married,

There has been some controversy in the fitness circle recently,

The reason for the dispute is that his "muscle photo"...


for this photo Take a variety of titles:

Like "The arm muscles are too surprised!"

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0K3uIFPOpF" />

This has caused dissatisfaction among many fitness netizens,

< p> " Is this also a muscle line? Is it not?""

"This is also called a muscular man? Dissatisfied!"

Look again Comments from his netizens:

@Please call me Chairman Zhang: The media speaks but the brain

< p>

@我 is actually a cute bean: The media wants traffic, shameless, and talks

@陈兆坤陈兆坤: These editors are really brainless

@冰阔落喝多 c: Is there muscle?

@LPL won the championship: Honestly, these media are very good at smashing

I don’t think I am a muscular man,

Why there is always zz media,

Always continue to consume the word "muscle man"?

If you have to say that there are muscle men in the Chinese entertainment industry,

That should also refer to these people: /p>

Peng Yuxi

< Br>

Xie Mengwei

< Strong>蒋劲夫

Liu Genghong


< Strong>

< p>An Zhijie

Liu Chengjun

No one can be called a "muscle man",

< p>

The media simply don’t understand, “How hard it is to become a muscular man! ! ”

NO1, lazar angelov

< /p>

He is known as the best man in the world

But few people know that he has been in fitness for a decade

No one knows him

has been injured in the shoulder.

NO2, jeff seid

< p>

All know that he is a muscle man after 90

But no one knows He

Started fitness at the age of 12

NO3, sergi constance

The world’s most unsuitable man to wear clothes

His counterattack spent 5 Year

NO4, ulisses jr

The most perfect man with muscle lines

In addition to hard training, he has a harsh diet

10 Years of persistence

NO5, simeon panda

World-renowned muscle panda

He has been practicing solidly for more than 10 years

You told me to practice muscle men easily

NO6, jaco de bruyn

A certain shape has been developed in 2007


It took another 6 years to reach the top of the world

NO7, tavi castro

Skinny ribs to muscles, 9 years!

NO8 , gerardo gabriel

From passers-by to the world's hottest muscle man

His counterattack took 5 years< /p>

We look forward to a day of fresh meat attack

no longer being said to be "juvenile mother, then national mother"

But those media people

Please don’t let netizens feel that

anyone can be called “muscle man”