Chen Kaige’s ex-wife is really domineering! Public 怼 secret is to sell the body

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Chen Kaige’s ex-wife is really domineering! Public 怼 secret is to sell the body

2018-09-21 10:25:08 246 ℃

Really, Chen Kaige’s ex-wife Hong Huang is not an ordinary person. She has seen a lot of people. The people in the entertainment circle are not in her eyes.

The main thing is that Hong Huang’s family background is so prominent that it can be said to be a princess. It has been publicly known that the secret is to show the flesh.

Today we come Talk about the alternative of this socialite world.

Maybe many people don't Knowing her, before Li Bingbing Su Mang went to her house, because she was out of the picture, Su Mang cut it off and didn't know if you remembered it.

Okay, back to the topic, Hong Huang’s nationality is not domestic, it is the United States, born in Beijing in 1961, her mother’s family chapter is very powerful. Zhang Shizhao raises a daughter.

I have been to a certain The English teacher of the upper leader, father Hong Junyan is an economist, and there is no need to say anyway.

When she was very young, her parents sent her to the United States to study. Later became the ceo of China Interactive Media Group.

Because of the long media Dealing with the road, most of the friends around are ladies and entertainment circles. She also grew up in this circle.

She is in an alternative circle. Because the body is ugly, you look at the people in the circle are long legs and look good.

But people have their own careers independently, they have their own ideas, and their careers are mixed. After all, they sit in courtyards, and the stars go often. Nothing is missing. I think it is quite successful.

Can't just look at the surface Very superficial ugly, but to understand the inner beauty of this person.


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