Zhao Wei loses 15 kilograms and reproduces the shape of a small swallow. Hip-hop styling is sitting in the form of Wei Zhen Milan Fashion Week.

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Zhao Wei loses 15 kilograms and reproduces the shape of a small swallow. Hip-hop styling is sitting in the form of Wei Zhen Milan Fashion Week.

2018-09-22 20:25:17 375 ℃

Milan Fashion Week has entered the essence of the opening ceremony. Many large platoons have been intensively exhibited. Of course, the most interesting thing in TOD’S 2019 spring and summer show is the loss of 15 kg and the restoration of Zhao Wei of the “Little Swallow” posture.

You can't guess the true age of the little swallows of the year is 42 years old!

Invited by the brand TOD'S, Zhao Wei took the Rock cool style rock and roll style, she wore a gorgeous and relaxed black leather jacket with a narrow fit Tubes fringed black pants, more scorpions on the head, a breath of hip-hop, a CHOKER on the neck, with red lips sunglasses, cool and handsome, can't believe this is every time Zhao Wei, who was laughed at.

The netizens praised and the little swallows came back.

From here, you can see TOD'S spring and summer new work this season, which is to force Italian casual and wild, temperament, suede, snake skin and other leather with silk and knitted fabrics, very Showcasing slim body.

Zhao Wei’s clothing has always been hesitant. Since the weight loss, Zhao Wei may have changed to an image stylist. People shouted loudly. In the last two weeks, I attended the GQ 2018 People's Festival, and I was a girl in the Balmain early autumn series of lightning sequined skirts.

This time attending TOD'S2019ss, there is also Uncle Wu Xiubo, wearing a gray-green suit, He is good at acquaintances. As soon as I sat down, Uncle picked up the camera with a beauty effect and made a circle. I really want to ask what software makes Wu Xiubo also become small meat?

Uncle also has a boring side. When he first entered the venue, he was scheduled to take photos in front of the background board. Unfortunately, I haven't played the perfect 180-degree angle to smile. I was rushed to a position by a fashion editor: "Enough, enough!"

Being rushed, Uncle had no choice but to politely leave with a smile.

When facing the media on the spot, the little swallows seem to have returned to the embarrassment of 20 years ago, all kinds of lame, indecent, and the whole person In a group, the front row of the show we saw in peace is a little different. At this time, you might say, why don’t you say that the million swallows are sitting poorly this time? Before Yang Mi took a lot of opinions on the MK show.

In the million, it is because the organizer of the TOD'S who invited Xiaoyanzi, this season's style is "wildness", sly, leisurely and wild, which obviously can not ask the lady to sit down and sit down. Even if Liu Shishi comes over, he will wear a leather coat to show the wild side.

For example, Xenia, who was invited at the same venue, is also sitting in the same position as Zhao Wei.

New York socialite Olivia Palermo is also a guest, Olivia Palermo is wearing a crayon Xiaoxin kindergarten principal with the same pattern suit.

More TOD'S 2019 Spring and Summer Works With the theme of "Summer Of Love", the 40 sets of men and women on the field use the main materials of the brand, and the silk and knit materials match the Italian style. You will see suede shirts with shorts, short dresses, light windbreaker jackets, embellished tassels, leather woven braids and more.

The most eye-catching on the field, of course, is Hadid’s third brother, this time TOD'S has gathered all three dragon balls.

23-year-old Jiji wears a seventies style suit, pink suit jacket lined with coral powder shirt, a white scarf, belt and flat bottom The shoes echoed.

Miss Liu Wen followed closely behind gigi.

The 21-year-old Bella is more intense, hot, burnt orange coat with Leather pants, a red scarf on the neck, looks perfect.

GIGI’s other outfit is a brown striped stitching jacket. With white shorts and a dark brown shirt, she highlights her long, thin legs, and the yellow bow tie balances the overall color scheme.

The other set of BELLA is the hunting style of animal prints. The big pants are not bloated, but they are lazy and casual.

The serpent aunt zipper jacket was performed by Bella, but there was no more madness, but it was more wild and sexy. However, this suit can be controlled by a hot lady who is in a hot shape, otherwise it is easy to be beaten back to the aunt.

There is also a focus on the field is Anwar Hadid, the third brother of Bella and Gigi, this time the brand is a one-piece Hadid family three My brothers and sisters are all together. Anwar's eye makeup is also very good, although it is reddish-brown, but it does not show her mother, he wears a suede brown suit with a white top, and the makeup artist has done a lot of work on concealer.

Because the street beat of Anwar the day before yesterday was found by a good reporter to have a "hickey" on his neck, and it was speculated that it was bitten by Anwar's rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner. This mouth, and on the show floor, was covered and clean, I really want to ask is the brand's concealer.

So you can understand that the theme of TOD'S is animal wild, Zhao Wei is so embarrassed, but there is a source.

Finally, some netizens turned out the video of the five-year-old TOD'S event to invite five elder brothers to participate in the event. It turns out that many of the Qing Palace Mavericks have not chased the TOD'S, which seems to be a big fan of Xiaoyanzi and Wu'e. .

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