What kind of food makes people fat? Medical experiments tell you the answer

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What kind of food makes people fat? Medical experiments tell you the answer

2018-09-26 10:25:18 186 ℃

What is it that makes people fat? This question may not be easy to give an answer. The British BBC produced a documentary: sugar or fat? I want to pass the test to answer this question.

The crew allowed a pair of twins to eat a lot of high-fat, high-sugar foods, and the final conclusion was unexpected...

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One person chooses to eat all kinds of oil every day High foods, including cheese, steak, chicken (with skin), a variety of fried foods, and more.

Another person chooses a variety of ultra-high-carb foods, bread, doughnuts, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruit, cola, and even white sugar directly and many more.

At the same time, they are banned from eating vegetables and avoiding the effects of cellulose in vegetables. Next, they have to insist on such a diet for a whole month. Below, the film crew compared the performance of the two in several ways.

1/Daily work

The perfect way to eat meat is to eat meat! A brain that lacks carbohydrates is equal to a brain that has been starving, thinking inefficiency. In other words, the lack of carbon water will make people stupid!


The chance to eat meat is to eat carbon water! In other words, eating meat is more hungry. After three hours of dining, people who eat carbon water are already dizzy and dizzy. People who eat meat still feel a little full.

Experiments have found that in the case of the same amount of heat, carbon water is more easily absorbed, and it is easier to make people hungry and eat more.

3/Physical Test

The perfect way to eat carbohydrates and eat butter, if there is no carbon water in the diet, the efficiency of the body's energy supply will be very low, and it is extremely unhealthy for health.

In other words, if you don’t eat carbon water and eat only meat, your body will become weaker.

4/Weight change

The surprise is that both of them are thin Now! People who only eat carbon water lose 2 pounds, half fat and half muscle. The person who eats meat has lost 7 pounds! But most of them are muscles, so although it is more effective in weight loss, it is not healthy.

When you see this, you may feel dizzy: can carbohydrates and meat lose weight? That makes me fat?

The answer is

50% sugar + 50% fat food

The most delicious thing is the high sugar and high fat!

This deadly combination does not exist naturally. It only exists in human processed foods, such as the common fritters, dumplings, sweet and sour pork ribs in China. , fried bread, etc., cakes, chips, biscuits, etc. in Western food West Point, are also the same routine.

You see it, it looks like a big difference, but the routine is exactly the same.

So, from today, stay away from deep-processed foods, avoid 50%+50% fattening gold combination, develop healthy eating habits, and exercise more!