Rose was changed by the retoucher? The focus is on the foreign media lens, she and the small S have become "thick legs"

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Rose was changed by the retoucher? The focus is on the foreign media lens, she and the small S have become "thick legs"

2018-09-27 10:25:23 200 ℃

Fashion Week is still continuing. Recently, the famous female anchors S and Rose met in the front row of SaintLaurent in Paris Fashion Week. The two hot moms watched the show together, and naturally there was no comparison.

The refinement map, with the Lee Bible in the next country, the two hot moms are not lost, the three wear the Saint Laurent black, the skin is fair and bright, everyone is very beautiful and beautiful.

The style matching mode of the two hot moms is also Very similar, all choose the black jacket inside the shirt, wearing shorts short boots and legs.

First look at the small s, velvet shoulder pad jacket with leather shorts. Paired with the earrings, this set is very retro and gorgeous.

We all know that the small S is not tall, but The proportion of the body is very outstanding, and there are a pair of beautiful legs.

But this time it was pitted. The length of this pair of shorts is sturdy, stuck in the most fleshy part of the thigh, and the thighs are thick;

The trousers of the short boots are stuck above the ankles, below the calves, and the legs are cut off. Long also shows meat! Shorted by shorts and ankle boots, the small s, always known as "perfect body", became a thick leg under the foreign media lens.

The external network has not been retouched

The same frame of Rose also exposed the truth in the fashion week show.

The roses we see every day, white to light, thin and long legs. For example, in a recent group of street styles that were misunderstood by hand injuries, her legs are like this.

The legs are very strong, white and straight!

The finishing picture of this fashion week, long legs The leg shape and slenderness are also very good.

And under the fashion week lens, her real legs are In this way, the thighs have muscle expansion, the leg shape is not limited, and the intensive figure is very large.

The contrast between the front and the back is the departure map of her fashion week airport. The legs of the visual China unrepaired picture are very real, but when it comes to the studio, the legs are long and the sky continues. Become fine and straight!

Although the legs of Rose are not perfect, compared with other female stars, they are not slender. In the entertainment circle, her legs have no competitive advantage, but the aesthetics of such P pictures are not just true. Too fake, it seems not too beautiful?

The retoucher of Rose is very versatile, not only contracted The leg-type PS work, for her P out of the good shape, this fashion week to repair the map, but also for her later change makeup.

External media map

and Some domestic media maps, Rose has a small triangle at the moment, although many people who eat melons do not understand, but there are also many viewers who express unique creative eye makeup.

But her studio refines the picture, this small The triangle was erased by the retoucher. Is it that the retoucher does not appreciate it? Or Rose feels that the effect is not good or the audience can't accept it?

PS change makeup or trimming is very normal One thing, but in contrast, is Rose's retouching aesthetic somewhat distorted?