Fashion night has become a fashion disaster? The actresses are all blessed, and Zhang Tianai’s little belly is bright!

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Fashion night has become a fashion disaster? The actresses are all blessed, and Zhang Tianai’s little belly is bright!

2018-10-29 10:25:11 264 ℃

This year's fashion night is really star-studded. After the 90s, the flow of small flowers and small flowers gathered together to give people a refreshing feeling. However, I don't know if the weather is getting cold. It is quite surprising that the actresses who are super strict in the management of their bodies are actually fat on the night of fashion.

The tall and slender Gu Li Naza has a black silhouette cut off-shoulder skirt, and it is quite elegant. But the bare legs are particularly stout. The bow-decorated dress high-heeled shoes that are tied to the ankle are also called "the ankle terminator" by netizens.

But some people say that this is the photographer's pot. Obviously, the picture shows that Naza is still tall and thin, and the temperament is cool and noble.

Song Zuer with a simple ponytail with orange dress, is indeed full of collagen, youthful vitality. However, there are some ancestors of baby fat, which are more abundant at first glance, and the posture of this leg is quite difficult.

There is always a resounding Zhou Dongyu, this time also makes people wonder if the stylist has changed, the overall style is not up to standard. The bad headgear smashed the entire hairstyle, and the red shoes on the feet seemed to be "villages."

The smug prince of the prince has always shown the aura, but this time it was suppressed by the long and sloppy dress, exposing the shortcomings of the figure, short I am still slightly bloated.

Blue velvet floral dress, let Chen Yao a full of spirit. White leather metal decorative high heels stretch the leg visuals, making the legs more slender and the shape is quite successful.

Black and white perfect match, the overall shape of the super-small river shadow ~

Under the photographer's lens, Zhang Tian'ai actually has a small belly. But the overall body proportion is good, the skin is fair, slender and slender, blingbling long skirt, sexy and elegant, full of female gods.

The same gleaming style is also the style of men. Wang Kai's sense of clothing technology and futuristic, with Wang Kai's tall and straight posture, especially cool.

Haha, because it is too flashy, Wang Kai is probably flashed by himself.

Netizens laughed at the effect of this dress with a light board. He called him "Tinfoil foil" and "Silver King".

Sparkling combination with the box~

Wu Lei's black dress and bow tie Plus leather shoes, no loss, still full of youth.

It is said that the younger brother’s shoelaces are very lively.

Liu Yuran white green collar suit with white shirt and black suit pants, is also handsome, the younger brother unwittingly sees grown up adults.

Huang Xiaoming's floral print brocade dress is quite chic, just this leg, netizens curious: Is it wearing thick autumn pants?

The same is suspected of wearing a pair of autumn trousers, and the match between the shoes and the pants is also very strange.

Wang Junkai, who also has a flower and leaf pattern on the dress, perfectly interprets the definition of Huamei, which is really a youthful atmosphere.

Li Yifeng chose a velvet suit, which is quite expensive. It is said that this suit will shine when he walks on the red carpet.

The same velvet group also has Zheng Kai, but this trousers makes the whole body look like five or five points.

I don’t know who you are in front of the screen, but who is PICK?