Sorry, this fairy's legs, the cover map can't fit.

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Sorry, this fairy's legs, the cover map can't fit.

2018-11-04 10:25:05 365 ℃

The star's intensive maps are beautiful, and in the street shooting, passersby can easily be made into five short statures. You can hold this random shot, maybe only supermodels...

Remember the street beat of the previous Vimy interview? A group of long-legged beautiful girls made people cry, and recently a black-born Victorian angel appeared on the street. After watching the video taken by passers-by, everyone was criticized again!

The young lady with long legs is named Cindy Bruna, a French supermodel born in 1994. . She is preparing for this year's Wei Mi show. A pair of long legs squatting around, Some netizens said that they looked down at their "vehicles" and could not help but shed tears.

However, people’s body and experience are really envious...

Cindy was born France, but in fact she is a mixture of Italian and Congo, she has black blood, from a young age is the proportion of super god.

It may be natural and difficult to give up. After spending his childhood and youth in South France, this long-legged girl was invited by the French metropolis to start her modeling career in Paris. .

Many models have not been so successful in their careers, but soon, Cindy was lucky enough to meet Bó Lè: Photographer Steven · · Mei Mei (Steven Meisel).

Messer appreciated Cindy and signed Cindy’s exclusive shooting contract. Taking this opportunity, Cindy has successfully entered the Italian edition of Vogue, EllE, Harper’Bazaar, Marie Claire and other major publications, and the reputation is growing.

Messer also introduced her development from France to New York and embarked on an international stage. In 2012, Cindy ushered in the first milestone of her career: She became the first non-white model for the CK catwalk!

After that, she was more comfortable. In 2014, Cindy and Marika Firth shot an advertisement for Prada, become two black models in the white face.

This is also a great thing, because before that, only "black pearl" old black a black model, In 1994, I advertised a core product for Prada.

In addition to clothing and bags, Cindy also works with other branded product lines. In 2015, she became the spokesperson for the Saint Laurent beauty brand and the Chanel perfume brand. With so many excellent results, it is no wonder that she is called "Black Pearl Successor"!

In addition to various advertisements, she has not forgotten to work on Fashion Week. Every year, Cindy flies around to participate in various fashion weeks. He has been a big show, such as Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Gao Yiye, Balmain and so on.

What really made her famous, it should be a big show. Everyone knows that the Victorian Angels have to go through a layer of interviews, which is a model that is one of the best in the world. But Cindy is still called Vimy's "devil figure", every time a pair of big long legs are the most eye-catching, it can be seen how much her body can play.

Since 2013, Cindy, who is only 18 years old, has started to show the show. In the first year, she has only one set of characters as a newcomer. The expression was slightly green at the time, but the figure was really perfect, and the new legs were perfect!

Because of his excellent performance, Cindy continued to climb the show in the second year. This time she has two sets of styles, a small suit jacket and black polka-dot underwear, more confident than last year.

The second set is one of the most classic series on the Vimi show: the gold suit. Cindy has his own wings in just one year, and it is also very powerful!

In 2015, she wore a feathered cloak and walked across the runway.

There is also a set of tight-fitting jewels, super body! Seeing the camera, she twisted like a little girl.

In 2016, Cindy wore a smoke-like gauze wing, and the fairy fluttered, one turned at a fixed point, and he was very aggressive. ! Once again, she lamented that her legs are too long!

The 2017 Wei Mi show was held in China, with a lot of slots, and the clothes themselves are not very easy to control. This kind of pattern boots, I am afraid that only the long-legged angels will look good...

Sin on the show Di is like a goddess, and when I attend various events, the shape is also straightforward! Just put a coat and a dress up, so beautiful?

In an event in May this year, Cindy wore a black tutu dress. , Many netizens said that they look like ostriches, all over the body are legs...

And she is very private The lively little girl, there is no gorgeous place to dress, bib, white T-shirt, shoes, just like ordinary students, except for the length of the legs.

Of course, like all other models, Cindy is also very hard to work. of. Although she is already in the air, she will still exercise and make herself look perfect.

In the beginning, she was just symmetrical, and now she is a young lady with abdominal muscles! Especially before the annual Vimy show, she will have more control over her diet and exercise. Will also record a lot of videos sent to the ins, share the training tips with everyone.

The supermodel's legs are really beautiful, even if we can't get it, it's good to wash your eyes every day!

But you may be like me, turning to Cindy's photo and starting to doubt life: Is this really a human body? ? ?