Secret Swarovski show cosplay Saint Seiya! 125,000 crystals are really white

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Secret Swarovski show cosplay Saint Seiya! 125,000 crystals are really white

2018-11-08 00:25:21 140 ℃

Just in the past, the secret angel meat rice got the Swarovski and the secret service. When it comes out, it is spit out by many people. Is this a black mesh embryo garment? Adding the wings behind it feels like a holy warrior.

Fortunately, the value of meat rice is relatively high, otherwise the average person can't get out!

I don't know if you think this is a bit big kk 2001 distribution wings. If the mold is not mistaken, remember that when the secret executive introduced the meat rice, this is a model with a face that looks like kk. This looks a bit like a sense of deja vu. I still miss the big kk at the moment.

In fact, the treatment of meat rice in these two years is not bad, at least for the year Secret also pays a little reward.

But this year's secret is really a "car accident scene", this original Swarovski show, plus wings turned into cosplay.

fb becomes a $1 million wire mesh with no beauty at all.

There are still two days to start the show, and the jojo has been a big controversy. This year, nothing has been obtained, and it has been satirized by netizens. Now it is left closed.

The small pumpkin that returns two years later may be assigned up to two sets of suits.

lima has not been tested yet. Sugar sugar is also treated this year. According to internal news, there will be an angel leaving this year. Now who is still not aware of it.

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I am anxious, I have been promoting big show in the past years, and this year’s theme has not been announced. Foreign bloggers said that after the recording this year, it seems that the funds have already been there is a problem. If you don’t save it now, it’s really awkward after the secret.