Wang Sicong, are you also worthy of the second generation? !

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Wang Sicong, are you also worthy of the second generation? !

2018-11-09 00:25:16 135 ℃


If you want to ask the most of these two days Who is the red traffic star?

Wang Sicong is also.

Yes, it’s not a star flower, not an IG player who just won the championship, but the second generation of Wang Sicong, who is the one who doesn’t learn to do anything.

So, what happened?

Two days ago, the Chinese LPL team IG defeated the European team in the 2018 League of Legends Global Finals, which triggered a national carnival.

Maybe many people don’t quite know what it means, and some netizens have popularized it:

Playing a metaphor that is not too appropriate, probably the Chinese men’s national football team entered the World Cup Excited? (Sorry, the champion can't expect it)~

The IG team is led by "School Sicong".

Everyone is excited after the victory. Embrace each other

He also "catch up" and ask for hugs

No one can hug and hug a hand

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0KRopQ7HOa" />

Image Source @PR部

I am still immersed in a joy of joy At the time, a photo of Wang Sicong eating hot dogs in the audience flowed out and was swept by everyone.

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You can also understand

After all, there are no fans of love beans

To hurry up and have enough energy to give yourself Light