56-year-old Guan Zhilin wears a near-million gemstone necklace, but it is exposed to the old-fashioned beauty because of one action.

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56-year-old Guan Zhilin wears a near-million gemstone necklace, but it is exposed to the old-fashioned beauty because of one action.

2018-11-09 00:25:19 221 ℃

The sudden death of Lan Jieyu last week made people feel sorry. Many bloggers on Weibo began to recall the beauty of Hong Kong in those days, Lan Jie, Guan Zhilin, Wang Zuxian... It’s no exaggeration to use Fenghua’s generation to describe them, all of them are top-notch beauty.

The ending of Lan Jieyu is afraid of being a miserable beauty. Although several other stars are facing aging, they are still working hard in the entertainment circle. Zhou Huimin, who is a little smaller than Lan Jie, will play several concerts every year and sing and dance.

And Guan Zhilin, from time to time to attend some activities. Recently, she participated in a jewelry auction, a low-cut evening dress with a gemstone necklace, which looks quite beautiful.

This sapphire necklace worn by Miss Guan’s neck is quite luxurious and is said to be valued at HK$120 million.

This high price, even Guan Zhilin himself said that it is too expensive, and his ability is not enough to afford. Ok, then our ordinary girl will appreciate it.

The gemstone necklace is really good-looking, but I have to say that the model wearing it is Guan Zhilin. This manner is really... very unattractive, with a chest hunch, loose and unconstrained, really want to remind her to open her shoulders!

From another point of view, the problem of the state is more obvious. It can be seen that Guan Zhilin is quite relaxed, without a chest and abdomen, so the lower abdomen is completely Prominent.

Users say that the aging of the state is more terrible than the aging of the face. In addition to paying attention to face maintenance, Guan Zhilin should also spend money to report a yoga class. Practice your manners. As a star who appeared in front of the camera, but also a jewelry display, there should be an elegant manner.

This 58-year-old Zhong Chuhong is obviously better than Guan Zhilin. At about the same time, Zhong Chuhong’s manners of attending jewelry activities are very generous and confident. Even if the face is late and beautiful, at least the temperament is still there. .

I remembered that the netizen had encountered Wang Zuxian before, and was photographed as she was sitting on a hunchback, and her waist was thick and strong, like an old lady who was over 70 years old.

And Wang Zuxian’s own photos are not only beautiful, but the key is that the volume is also very dense, up to forty years old. So friends, hurry up and straighten your waist, keeping your posture and skin care is just as important!

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