Follow-up | Models and bloggers exposing DG incidents are blocked? Refuse to bow to the DG Black Force!

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Follow-up | Models and bloggers exposing DG incidents are blocked? Refuse to bow to the DG Black Force!

2018-11-27 10:25:40 431 ℃

The Dolce & Gabbana incident has intensified. The president Baidu searched Du Jiabanna for such a picture. It can be said that it is very exciting. China is our most cherished luxury!

I believe everyone must be resentful about the incident of Dolce & Gabbana’s humiliation. If the president tells you that the whole incident is a foreign girl, it must be I like it, at least in this matter, the Chinese have the same position as foreign friends.

The "Tipping Point" of the Insulting Event, from a friend named Michaela Tranova on Instagram and Dolce & Gabbana Conversation with designer Stefano Gabbana. When Dolce & Gabbana released a video of discriminatory advertising, the girl contacted the designer for the first time and explained that the video had something wrong. However, the DG designer did not feel wrong, but insulted in a desperate situation. In China, the girl exposed the conversation in a rage.

She is Michaela Phuong Thanh Tranova, a Vietnamese Chinese who studied fashion design and fashion at the Malanoni College London campus in Italy. Business, once modeled for fashion brands such as Linda Faro. Although she is not Chinese, Michaela has written a Vietnamese saying "Happy New Year" because that year is the Lunar Year of the Monkey. And she also works in China and often eats at Chinese restaurants.

After the incident was exposed, Michaela said that he "is just an ordinary person who has witnessed unfair and unfair actions." . After learning about the cancellation of the DG show and the news of the decline in market value, she said that she was very happy in the ins speech and said: "All of us (not just Asians) deserve to be treated better by all fashion brands, not just to let Our banknotes fill their wallets and haunt us." It's a beautiful girl! It is brave to dare to fight against the forces of other countries. This also shows a truth, people are watching the sky, the right and wrong, everyone has a scale in their hearts!

But the official Instagram background has deleted all of Michaela’s posts, not only about DG’s comments, but also about her daily life. They have all been deleted, and the account has been banned from speaking. Is this DG's use of its own "underworld" means to control speech? However, the Instagram official later apologized for the reason of “missing the mistake” and restored the account content. It should be forced by public opinion pressure. The president only hopes that this brave girl can protect herself, but don't be afraid, after all, you are all Chinese!

Du Jiabanna was born in Milan, Italy in 1985, and died in Shanghai, China in 2018. The founder of DG did not think about it. I wanted to open up the territory in China, but I took up my own feet and did not blame others. A brand that has problems in itself is not destined for a long time. The president took you to "learn" the "public relations level" of Dolce & Gabbana and how it was forced to apologize to "for the renminbi" step by step.

After Du Jiabanna’s “Chopsticks Eating” and insulting incidents, the account was stolen for the first time. However, I have not seen the background data of the hacking. I believe that there will always be technicians in such a big company. In addition, Du Jiabanna's public relations is really like a triad. According to netizens, DG sent an email to the ins blogger, asking to delete the post and admit that he lied in the social network, otherwise he will sue the other party. The president suddenly became a bit embarrassed, not to say that he was stolen. How can this let the blogger admit that he is lying, not to be too face-to-face. We are not afraid of your black and evil forces!

Secondly, the DG designer’s statement did not apologize, but instead a high-profile gesture: I used a Chinese model to represent me without discrimination, and you want me to how about it? After being slammed by netizens, the two founders of DG had to personally apologize and said "I'm sorry" in Chinese. However, this statement was only published on major websites in China, and it was not published in foreign media, which even aroused the anger of the nationals. Seeing that the situation was deadlocked, on the afternoon of November 23, D&G released a apology and video on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook after about three hours of posting apologize on domestic Weibo. . Unfortunately, everything is late.

and DG official website and design The teacher wrote on the ins: Apologize for the full video in the introduction. Even the video is not directly put in, but need to look at the link URL given in his profile, click into the YouTube, you can see the video. This kind of apology video viewing method is really a long time, and the apology did not mention the ins abusive incident, only mentioning the advertisement, which proves that it is a misunderstanding of cultural differences. Netizen: This is an apology for the renminbi!

And after the bloggers roared Dolce & Gabbana on Ins, they were limited to comments and their accounts were also affected. It was blocked. It turns out that the freedom of speech on foreign websites is like this, and it has been taught.

Dugabanna’s incident of insulting China was educated by the Chinese, not to mention whether the advertising video is because What caused the cultural differences, what we are angry with is the insulting dialogue between the brand designer and Michaela. This is the problem. However, Dolce & Gabbana has repeatedly escaped, and its image has collapsed in the hearts of the people. The name DG will disappear. I believe that after this incident, no country can do anything to insult China, otherwise there will be no place for it!