With this, Angelababy will be able to second Fan Bingbing!

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With this, Angelababy will be able to second Fan Bingbing!

2016-07-22 19:22:29 310 ℃

To say Angelababy and Fan Ye Yan than Zhilai, it must be 82 catty. Wearing formal attire, but also for a victory, this year's Shanghai Film Festival two on the same box

Fan Ye have Fan Ye aura, baby baby's elegant, but also really owe praise bump. But not to be divided up and down, I vote for baby, why? Look at the pictures

What did you notice in addition to the beautiful face? Ah you big chest! (right arm) seriously, you pay attention to the baby arm? It's a right angled arm! What? What is a right angle arm? As shown in the figure below, the lateral line of the shoulder and the natural droop of the arm line, you can form an approximate right angle shape, this is the perfect arm scale - right angle arm

Make a contrast

Such a look, is not feeling the arm of the arm of the baby properly properly right arm ah! Then go back to see the Shanghai Film Festival.

Fan Ye but dare not show the arm of the ah, wearing clothes are generally like this


In addition to baby, fried chicken eating steamed stuffed bun face Zhao Liying actually is a right angle arm of the team in a general!

You don't look at her as a stuffed bun, and the reality is that she still has a muscle.

Look at the other people's right angles.

Minute of ten pounds of weight ah! And wearing clothes are more elegant!

There was also a famous battle line vest Yuan Shanshan, people's right arm is bang bang!

Victoria's Secret Supermodel but each is right arm!

Here we give the master recommended several groups of activities, each 1 minute standoff, perfect thin arm!