How can a girl who is not so "pretty" self-renovate and reach a higher level of goddess level?

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How can a girl who is not so "pretty" self-renovate and reach a higher level of goddess level?

2018-11-27 10:25:40 651 ℃

Today’s sharing comes from the practical bloggers--丁丁,

She has a very dedicated public number

< p> "A Martin Boot"

It is always possible to jump out of the 窠臼, the angle is novel,

Importantly pointed out the bottleneck of beauty!

This article is a shortcut to let you quickly improve your image in a short time!

I feel that the aesthetics of our girls have basically reached an agreement:

1 The unrecognized net red face is greasy and unbearable. ▼

2, self-contained style, unique face with memory, not necessarily "beautiful", but must be durable. ▼

3. Pursuing the fascination of Cecilia Cheung is too unrealistic, and the girls in the middle of the face can become beautiful. ▼

What is this mysterious shortcut? In fact, in the previous article, there are also scattered mentions, that is - "quantity."

For example, the bigger, thicker, and more colorful earrings are stronger than the small, thin, and lighter earrings. ▼

The sense of the facial features, such as the eye, the size of the eyes, width of the eyelids, thickness of the eyeliner. ▼

When you see this, you should have a more comprehensive understanding of the sense of quantity, which is actually a sense of visual existence, Flat vs stereo, small vs big, dark vs bright, light vs thick... and so on, are all influencing factors.

Similar, the sense of volume on the hair:

The amount of sensation on the face bone:

Quantities on the skeleton of the body:

< /p>

A lot of girls want to "make themselves better" and look at a lot of aesthetic stickers. When you use them, you don’t know how to start, you don’t practice, you imitate .

Material match with facial features

Hair style is more practical than makeup, and it can enhance a person's image. When the volume of the hairstyle is small, the prominent effect on the face and facial features is stronger. ▼

Light "quantity" of small facial features, more suitable for light "quantity" Short hair, The temperament of the whole person is lighter and more uniform. ▼

In contrast, heavy "quantity" face / facial features, don't try to lightly "measure" Short hair:

Short hair with light "quantity" will visual imbalance< /strong>, it seems that the facial features are too big, there is no beauty. ▼

For example, Reba is more suitable for long curly hair

This article continues to analyze in detail. Different kinds of people who are suitable for makeup and wear, can pay attention to a Martin boots~


Ding Ding also wrote a lot of dry goods. For example, about hair style, choose the best hairstyle for your face based on face and facial features. Let you start!

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Test what face you are, what hairstyle is suitable

Mirroring< /p>

It’s pretty good in reality, why is it reduced on a mirror? A comprehensive analysis of why you are not on the mirror, and how to take pictures can make you look better.

Big nose

I don’t think I’m satisfied with my nose. This article "Is the big nose really a beautiful woman?" Maybe you can solve your doubts.

About makeup, Ding Ding’s dry goods will take into account the level of beauty, such as various detailed eyebrows Raiders, no outstanding beauty, how to create a flat face naturally Three-dimensional makeup and so on.


Ding Ding can also understand your pain points. Why do you sometimes think that you are very good looking, sometimes very general?

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In addition, Ding Ding will also carefully share his beautiful experience, such as the fluffy Dafa that saves the hair of countless girls, can help you save a year of modeling fee.

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ASK Tintin

A Martin There is also an ASK Tintin column in the boots, and the case is chosen to provide advice for ordinary girls. A lot of friends will ask Ding Ding questions about hair styles, makeup, and collocations. There are also questions in the column and personal topics.

Case analysis, give you beautiful inspiration

For example, this issue: What if the nose doesn't look good?

A lot of sister paper messages, since I’ve followed Ding Ding’s public account, I’ve found that I’ve seen the New World. late! I can't wait to read the article in one go~

"Wear the Raiders" "Improve the value" "Style"

These articles are just the tip of the iceberg!

In the Public Menu of a Martin Boots, the articles have been sorted out, waiting for you to open the door to the new world!

Ding Ding is also looking forward to working with you both inside and outside,

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