The world’s eye-catching Bai Fumei Ball, rejecting Trump’s daughter, invited Huawei’s daughter

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The world’s eye-catching Bai Fumei Ball, rejecting Trump’s daughter, invited Huawei’s daughter

2018-11-28 10:25:27 1045 ℃

The recent annual Parisian ladies’ dance has started again. You are not wrong, that is, the lady dance party that the gambling king daughter He Chaoxin was invited to participate in last year.

A lot of people wonder what kind of dance this is.

This lady dance originated from the 17th and 18th century British court dances, when British aristocratic women were in adulthood. Private teachers teach less, and they rarely come into contact with the opposite sex. When they are adults, they will dress up and attend the dance, formally enter the social circle, and also have adult dance balls.

In fact, it is a blind date, and these noble girls are matched with the same born male.

Later in 1990, ophelia renouard transformed the aristocratic adult ceremony into a charity fashion social event. .

The girls who participated in the event are no longer British aristocrats, there will be girls from all over the world, there are nobles, Rich second generation, female business, Hollywood star second generation and so on. These are the objects of screening each year.

Of course, you can participate without money, and they are very strict with their own beauty, age and education.

Only 20 girls are invited each year and are between 16-22.

Be aware that the media reported that the Trump daughter Ivanka was also rejected.

This year, the organizers were also carefully selected and invited 20 girls. Among them are three Chinese ladies. Huawei chairman Ren Zhengfei daughter abbebel yao, Hong Kong tvb actor Liang Yijing daughter angel lee and Pei Ming granddaughter anna pei. It is really lucky to be invited.

Look at this show, it can be said that Bai Fumei’s party. They have to prepare for more than ten hours before the ball, and try to make a full preparation for this beautiful day. Although they are born in various socialites, they are all excited.

Ren Zhengfei's daughter, this time the most attention. At the age of 20, he studied Harvard's computer science major and a sophomore. Not only is it a schoolmaster, but the dance skills are also good.

The ballet is very professional. There is no such thing as piano music and dance Chinese painting. Although the value is not the best, she is definitely good-looking.

Bei Ming's granddaughter anna is also a big fan, grandfather is a Chinese American, has many masterpieces, Bank of China Building, Suzhou Museums and so on are all created by him. Anna is influenced by the family and is now studying art history at Columbia University.

The president of Yingke and Hong Kong actor Liang Xiaojing's daughter, Angel Lee, can be said to be very temperamental. Really like my mother. I am now studying at the University of Hong Kong.

In addition to several Chinese faces. Others are also descendants of celebrities from all walks of life. Indian payal jewelry is a thousand dollars.

American forest producer daughter, also American celebrity.

The youngest member of the family of Johnson and Johnson in the United States, the youngest member of the company, also participated in the socialite meeting.

and so on. I will not introduce them one by one.

They all have handsome knights going to the socialites together.

After reading, mold Mildew still decided to work hard on his pig life! After all, people have money and work hard, and we have no reason to work hard.