Destroy the classics! Jiang Shuying imitates the "killer is not too cold" little girl, netizens begged her to be a good sister

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Destroy the classics! Jiang Shuying imitates the "killer is not too cold" little girl, netizens begged her to be a good sister

2018-12-01 10:25:33 375 ℃

In addition to Hepburn, Matilda, the little girl in "This killer is not too cold", is often the object of cos. For example, Yuan Quan’s group of photo photos that mimic Matilda’s style was very powdery.

Recently, when Jiang Shuying was in charge of variety, he also passed the addiction of a little girl Matilda in a cos movie.

She wore a short sling in the Matilda military green jacket, wearing striped shorts, Martin boots, choker, wearing a red woven hat, in addition to the hair style, other items completely COS restore movie The shape in the middle.

But not wearing the same clothes, it will become that little girl. Jiangjiang's styling is highly restored, but the temperament is limited, plus the bangs that can't be understood before the forehead, and the little girl Matilda in "This killer is not too cold" is really not a little similar, but instead It also seems that Jiang Jiang himself is a bit silly.

Look at Jiangjiang Cos, netizens also expressed their refusal. They did not get any similarities. Because of the bangs, even netizens saw Sanmao.

The same shape is still not a little bit like, except because Jiangjiang and the little girl Matilda in the movie are too different, the most important reason is that Jiangjiang’s temperament and looks are too royal sister. , and the role of such a girl is not available.

Even if she smiles hard, there is still no soft girl.

The temperament of the long-term temperament determines the style that suits her most feminine or sorrowful sister. Compared to the little girl who is not too cold, the previous Sicilian legend is more suitable for her, curly red lips, feminine dress is the most suitable element for her.

It is probably influenced by the girlish atmosphere of the noble circle. Jiangjiang has tried to try the girlish style many times, such as cutting the blast of air to reduce the age.

But after cutting the air bangs, not only did not age, Liu Hai also helped her age ten years old, very awkward.

The expression of selling Meng can not help her to show the tender bangs

Follow the bangs With red lips and a split-shoulder dress with a feminine style, the foreign index and beauty will be UP!

Let more viewers know her character is also sharp and gas The corner of Jianglai.

So Jiangjiang still gives up the soft girlish style, showing it well With a feminine taste~