Another Xinjiang girl was turned out of the circle, and there are too many beautiful women in Xinjiang.

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Another Xinjiang girl was turned out of the circle, and there are too many beautiful women in Xinjiang.

2018-12-02 10:25:30 780 ℃

Recently, Orange Man discovered a Xinjiang girl who is a super-powerful player - Hanick!

In a show of national style, she appeared in the show, and people sighed in the heart, this is a What "Sister of the Immortal"

Sure enough, today I successfully boarded the hot search

Come and come back and review the beauty of this "Shen Sister"

This is the case when you introduce yourself ▼▼< /p>

When dancing, this is ▼▼

such a ▼▼

There is also such a ▼▼

< p>

The dynamic picture will feel a wave again!

The dance is like the one coming out of the mural

Okay, I admit, I have seen this animation for dozens of times

What is this fairy sister coming to come, come along with the orange man to bring you a wave

Hanik孜 was born in 1996, the authentic Xinjiang people, is the shadow The company's signing newcomers

Is it familiar with the company name, yes, it is Chen Hekai's company < /p>

The face of the palm of the palm, the tall nose, the deep eyes, the standard beauty one

< p>

In addition to his unique exotic style, Hanick also has a sense of fairy who does not eat human fireworks

In fact, in the "Supernova National Games" in the previous period, Hanick has already made its mark.

Be careful to prepare for the start of the game ▼▼

Scratchfully greet the camera ▼▼

Hannik in life is a lively and a little funny girl, she can feel it from her Weibo daily

< p>

High value will also Dancing, really real name envy

After reviewing the high-profile star recognized by the entertainment industry, is there really a Less are from Xinjiang

and! Basically, each one is an all-rounder that can sing and dance!

Dilierba, a typical Xinjiang girl, looks like a fan

With the "Carat Lovers", "Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossom", "Beautiful Li Huizhen" and other TV dramas are gradually familiar with the public

I have studied dance for six years and danced Ballet, or a dancer from the Xinjiang Song and Dance Troupe

Look at her performances on the fast and various evening shows

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0KjHvL8DoX" />

When the art test was awarded as "the most beautiful candidate" Gu Li Naza

The value of Yan has not been said, since the beginning of the art test, it has attracted much attention because of this.

Either sweet and lovely wind

or domineering queen

Or cool short hair girl

Basic 啥 style can hold live

Dancing is also coming, some time ago, at the sister's wedding, I came to a freesty with my sister

The body is agile, and the screams of the guests are surrounded by one after another

Julia, more gentle and delicate in the traditional Xinjiang girl style

Speaking of dancing, that is Notoriously great

Learning to dance at an early age, every time you appear, it makes people feel amazing

Not long ago, when I went back to my alma mater, Xinjiang Art College, I also danced with my schoolmates

When you talk about it, you can't help but ask:

Xinjiang people will dance when they are born, they are too powerful!

Last sentence

Want to see four people dancing on the same stage!