She has two world records, and your trousers are worn as a cropped trousers.

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She has two world records, and your trousers are worn as a cropped trousers.

2018-12-02 10:25:33 446 ℃

When it comes to models, what do you think of first? "Good shape!", "Taiwan stick!", "High!" Yes, as a qualified model, not only the body must reach a certain proportion, but also the business ability is skillful, the most important thing is not too short! Generally speaking, the average height of female models is between 1.75 meters and 1.8 meters, so all the long legs are seen on the pictures~

But today the president wants to introduce a special character - the world's tallest model Ekaterina Lisina (Ekaterina Lisina), 2.05 meters tall, just The leg length is 133cm. This height is comparable to Yao Ming! And she also has two Guinness records of "the world's tallest model" and "the longest leg in the world (female)". The president said that there is more than half of me in this leg, haha.

The models are already high, so she is more outstanding in the "big legs".

The style of the photo with the female fans is like this. Lisina also urgently noted "no shoes" in the text picture!

The style of the photo with the male fans is like this! When the ear can only reach the other side's waist, I don't know what the younger brother thinks?

For her height, she has to stand on the ladder to get it!

With such a high height, there is actually a reason. Before being a model, Lisina was a professional basketball player who represented Russia in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and won the bronze medal. In the past, systematic training has created her good physical fitness and foundation. Therefore, after she retired in 2014, she became a model and was labeled as the “highest model in the world”. In this way, the time to become a model is not too long.

But the younger sister’s strength is to interpret “God to eat rice”. Thanks to the innate advantage, all kinds of large pieces of hard photo shoot without pressure! And also benefit from the five-minded advantage of the "fighting nation", eyes large, high nose, thin lips, a slight smile is particularly charming and moving.

But the long legs also have the pressure of long legs. For example, buying pants is difficult to buy. The jeans that others step on their feet may become cropped trousers on her body, so look at Lisina's life photos, mostly in skirts or shorts. And her feet are not small, need to wear 47 yards of shoes! God, this size is probably difficult for men to buy the right shoes!

Besides, there are also great inconveniences in travel. If you are flying, flying, etc., if you don't have a lot of space to put her "big legs", you will feel tired when you travel long distances. Moreover, in the student era, because the height difference between the height and the peers is too large, it is also ridiculed and rejected by many small partners.

And the president’s guess is that it’s a little different from the “one size fits all” model, and for regular models. There is still a gap in aesthetics, so Lisina has not yet had the opportunity to be on the cover of a well-known magazine, nor has she endorsed some well-known fashion brands. But Lisina herself said in an interview that although she used to have some inferiority about her long legs, she is now more confident. Because you have a pair of long legs and walk on the road, you can show your female beauty and go faster and easier than others! She also hopes that she can give more opportunities to the "giant" model~

So, beauty can be diverse It can also be different. Want to know the first-hand fashion information, please continue to pay attention to the president