Yang Mi’s body caused extreme comfort, and Dong Jie’s first appearance on the list was very unexpected!

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Yang Mi’s body caused extreme comfort, and Dong Jie’s first appearance on the list was very unexpected!

2018-12-03 10:25:25 395 ℃

This week's major events are busy, and the female stars are incarnate in the air. Yang Mi's black A-line skirt will put the sea on the body, beautiful and sweet, and the walking grass machine Liu Wen is a textbook-like demonstration of the correct wearing of artificial fur. In the end, who can successfully reach the top of the throne, this is the time for your idol crazy vote!

Liu Wen

Listing reasons: "Let mortals expand one hundred Double the faux fur coat, the big cousin is very beautiful!"

This week, the big cousin who frequently went out of the street has contributed more sets of look-ups, and how to wear the faux fur coats that are all over the sky. She was trained to obey the post, and the key to this is to use the self-cultivation inside and the short top to attack the bloated fur, a true textbook-like demonstration!

Motorcycle Wind Martin Boots Eye-catching and versatile, people want to grow grass!

Yang Mi

On the list >: "The little fox becomes a big woman, still very able to play"

The long power that has not been seen for a long time, this time will put the sea to wear the strength to enter the list. A combination of crisp A-line dress and rivet heels, from the head to the elegant. The gentle and sweet little fox turned into a big woman with perfect temperament. I just wanted to give her a compliment.

This beautiful side Yan I just want to watch it a hundred times!

Spring and Summer

On the list Reasons : "The beauty of the beach in the 1990s is just that."

Which is the spring and summer of what you wear. The Miu Miu girl walked up the 2019 early spring show, the true treasure girl. The floral doodle dress skirt is paired with the fairy operation of the tender green silk blouse, making it easy to paint. And this is a rare beauty of the legs, afraid that the compass becomes fine!

Spring and Summer in Miu Miu 2019 Early Spring Series

Dong Jie

On the list : "The 10,000 dresses of the little black dress, the famous names in the 1920s"

The Queen’s Empress, who recently went out of the palace, also came to Miu Miu. In the show, even the simple little black dress, with a punk style mesh metal blouse, came a mix of the gods. What's even better is that the same color with the high-heeled shoes has "killed" this black body.

Dong Jie in Miu Miu 2019 Early Spring Series

Is this the gentle white moonlight in our hearts?

Victoria Beckham

On the list Reasons: "There is a Queen's temperament called Victoria Beckham!"

Super-deprecating Victoria Beckham is wearing the latest brand of his own brand. It is. Your mother’s ugly striped knitwear has been turned into a salty fish by red, yellow and black geometric blocks, not to mention the red high-waist pants that are destined to shine on a street. This is the queen’s temperament. Victoria Beckham!

This walks with wind Wang Zhiqi, who is not convinced?

Emily Blunt

On the list Reasons: "The princess in the fairy tale of Meicheng is really not a lie."

Emily Blunt's mute in "The Land of Silence" The baby goddess acting is still crouching, and in the next second, a pure white tulle princess dress will bring you Disney's carnival songs and dances. The giant white puff sleeves and the V-shaped neckline seduce the perfect swan neck. The fairy of this body is full of overflowing screens~

Emily Blunt in Yanina Couture

The most enviable thing is to attend the event together The husband is handsome and charming, what is this perfect fairy tale?

Learn to wear a pair of shirts,

You You can make a list on Bazaar Street!

Want to "I want to go to Bazaar Street to take the list", you must wear a pair of clothes, and you can not lose to the stars for each confident! Every week, we will select 5 people from the Basha Daren Group to upload their own street photos, and send you to the Bazaar Street to take the list. Come and see if you have this list?

The reason for the list: "Black and white echoes eye-catching, revealing half of the shirt's full score"

@ May Zhao

The reason for the list: "Retro pockets show the girl's waist"


The reason for the list: "The beige windbreaker is gentle and temperament"

@lily< /p>

The reason for the list: "The suit is naked and super sexy, and a fatal blow"


The reason for the list: "All black is thin and advanced"

@白银璐?< /p>

It’s time to exercise your holy vote! Which actress will surprise you, and who can pick up the title of "I want to take a place on the Bazaar Street", come and vote.

"I want to go to Bazaar Street to shoot the list" invites you to take a street shot, click on the small program below, upload the beautiful fairy street shooting, we will also take you Put on the list ▼


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