Happy news! Jason Statham and the 19-year-old supermodel wife married at the end!

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Happy news! Jason Statham and the 19-year-old supermodel wife married at the end!

2018-12-03 10:25:30 538 ℃


Hello everyone

I am your car slut prisoner

I have thought about a problem very seriously

cars like me, shoes, and brands.

One day

There is a diamond king who is in front of me

I don’t know what to do?


It’s also broken for yourself every day

However, the King of Diamonds

There is a big news to tell everyone recently

That is the "first diamond king" in the hearts of prisoners

Jason Statham will be held on December 31st

with supermodel Handington-Whitley Wedding

8 years of love long-distance running finally made into a positive fruit


Stanson is not a son who is one year old?

How do you just get married?

The situation is like this

actually They were going to have a wedding last year

but they decided to postpone their delay because of Rosie’s pregnancy

It should be the biggest happy event in the recent fitness circle

Speaking of this pair of golden boys and girls

I believe everyone should be familiar with it. /strong>

This year's 51-year-old Hollywood tough guy Jason Statham

With a muscle and many well-known characters

Remembered by netizens as "the most handsome bald tough guy"

Because of the similarity between Changde and Uncle Guoda

There are fans who like to call him " "Guo Dastansen"

It can be said to be a perfect interpretation in him

"Muscle is the most gorgeous coat for men"

< p>

Wei Mi Signing Supermodel

The heroine of Transformers 3

The first place in the world's top 100 sexy women


Rosie and Jason Statham begin to associate

19 Poor may seem inconceivable to others

But they don't care

2016 At the beginning of the year, the two announced their engagement

and in the same year, they gave birth to their first child, Jack Oscar Statham

This pair of stands together is very eye-catching

Daily screen is also a poster with a sense of sight

Beauty with a hero

Standing with a 19-year-old wife

Uncle Stansson is also a gas field Open

Rosin to maintain a long-term control diet

Every meal is almost always timed Strict control

Working is over

She will return to the family and gym two points and one line

Yoga, Pilates , dancing

are all sports she likes

And our male god Statham does not need to say more

His back is known as the muscle anatomical model of the medical world

But these may be just what most of us know

Hollywood superstar Jason Statham

but probably not many people know

Jason Statham is not an actor from the beginning

Although the mother is a dancer, the father is a singer Ng>

But the motor nerves in Statham seem to be keen on his artistic nerves

< /p>

Children in childhood when other children are playing at home

He has a special liking for boxing

often alone After imitating the movements over and over again

after going to middle school

He has another brain in the world of football

He also insisted on practicing tennis, squash and gymnastics while playing.

< p>And you can’t think of it

Stanson’s talent for sports

It’s still one Professional diving athlete

He played for 12 years in the British National Diving Team

and won the world diving in 1992 12th place in the championship

Now he relies on a muscular armor

to stand in the image of a tough guy In Hollywood

It can be said that it is a very legendary life

It’s always Adherence to sports

Let 51-year-old Statham still have great charm

Let's put a picture of Guo Da Stanson and Luo Wei

The son's intrusive photo

A family of three sweets are about to overflow the screen


As the loyalty of Uncle Statham

I really feel moved to see this scene

Removing the aura of the hero

He is just a husband and father of an ordinary family


Prisoners are here to wish

Uncle Stamson and Rosie are happy to marry !

Prisoner fitness, our efforts are only for every ordinary person.

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