Chinese cheongsam gave D&G a slap in the face!

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Chinese cheongsam gave D&G a slap in the face!

2018-12-03 10:25:30 482 ℃

With the continuous fermentation of D&G's humiliating incidents, not only domestic artists have resisted, e-commerce platform products have been removed, but also developed to Korea, Japan and other countries are not ashamed of D&G's behavior, D& G in the fashion circle barely confronted China's development. The Chinese elements and aesthetic culture still stayed on the early stereotypes, and the Chinese cheongsam gave D&G a slap in the face!

In recent years, international big names have favored Chinese elements, just like a whirlwind sweeping the world, even in 2015 The theme of Oscar "Met Gala" was designated as "China: Mirror Flower Water Moon". The interpretation of Chinese elements by international big names is a bit unbearable. The Chinese style has been broken by foreigners. The Chinese elements represent the spirit of China. The road to Chinese fashion is still very long.

But not all international big names don’t appreciate Chinese beauty, Chinese red, embroidery, dragon, silk Cheongsam and buckles have fascinated many designers, especially the fashion design based on cheongsam. Many international masters have many eye-catching masterpieces. D&G is really high and low. It has been made.

The tailored cheongsam of Gongo Cavalli, dressed in Gong Li, shows the elegance of the oriental woman, the velvet cheongsam and The stylish openwork lace stitching reveals the elegance and sensuality of Chinese style. Gong Li’s own domineering queen, the hem of the mopping floor highlights the elegant style. Gong Huang is definitely the terminator on the international red carpet.

The moment of Gong Li’s turn is also very amazing, the delicate embroidery is charming, Gong Li with clean and clean hair, tassel The earrings are embellished with a stylish and retro oriental woman style that shines internationally. This cheongsam is Roberto Cavalli's “The Work of Closing the Mountains”, which is the best understanding of Chinese elements by international masters.

Zhang Ziyi is the exclusive cheongsam dress of Carolina Herrera, inspired by cheongsam, with layered flowers on the skirt The three-dimensional shape of the shape is novel and unique, creating a gorgeous Chinese style. Ms. Herrera modernizes the outline of the traditional prom dress, giving the Chinese cheongsam a new interpretation, and the elegant elegance of Zhang Ziyi.

Zhang Ziyi’s cheongsam dress, the stand is elegant and elegant, and the three-dimensional flower and butterfly flowers are embellished, and the aura is also gathered. The visual focus, the skirt is very silhouetted, Zhang Ziyi with a clean and elegant hair style, soft and noble oriental woman style, this is a correct understanding of Chinese elements, D & G, don't ruin the Chinese elements, Dong Shi effect will only be bleak end.

Someone may say that only oriental women will wear the charm of cheongsam, but this still does not hinder Western fashion. In the pursuit of the Chinese style, Nicole Kidman’s red-printed cheongsam, on the basis of the elegant and elegant Chinese cheongsam, has made a unique hollowing out design, which is more open to the sexy side of Western women. The cheongsam will be worn by a foreign actress with a unique charm.

As early as the most popular period of cheongsam, Elizabeth Taylor became the embodiment of beauty, wearing Chinese cheongsam dress, showing the exotic The elegant charm, Taylor's body is also very suitable for wearing cheongsam, the body is beautiful, the sleek and simple design is not outdated even now, the stand is embellished with a delicate brooch, elegant.

Many international big names or designers, whether in terms of creative ideas or understanding of Chinese style, vary widely, but In dealing with the "Chinese elements", there is something in common, that is, "respect" is not a pleasing pleading, but it is not a sensationalism. This is an appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t know how to respect, no matter how big the cards are, I will end up with the same D&G;