How much slippery shoulders! Look at these stars and you will know.

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How much slippery shoulders! Look at these stars and you will know.

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It’s probably not enough to wear clothes,

backing a shoulder bag, the shoulders will slide down.

I am very helpless,

In fact, this time Things are the distress of most people.

What is a shoulder?

Skip shoulder refers to the angle between the shoulder and the neck of the human body. If ≤15 degrees is the flat shoulder, ≥20 degrees is the shoulder.


We will take stock of a few representative stars,

Let’s talk about how the shoulders are going.

The more famous male star is 陈伟霆,

In fact, the lines on his shoulders are very smooth.

It’s even more obvious in adolescence.

And now on the screen,

is a representative of the sloshing world

From the front, this shoulder has become a landslide.

Slash Youth Liu Ruran,

How many girls are crazy about this face.

But look at this shoulder,

呃...The shoulders are also unbearable

Fantastic sexy Cai XukunClassmates,

The problem of slipping shoulders is also very prominent.

And Zhu Zhengting, is also an idol group,

If the shoulder is flat, the temperament will definitely improve one grade.

Wu Lei, is handsome, beautiful,

Because I slipped my shoulders, I still couldn’t wear the clothes to look good.

Zhang Yixing, is known as "Changsha Little Pride",

In the past few years, I have participated in various variety shows and developed well.

What is depressing is that his slippery shoulder problem has not improved.

Besides male stars,

The actress can’t escape The fate of the shoulder.

Liu Yifei,

It has always been in the minds of men goddess.

But the beauty of the immortal sister is also difficult to escape the fate of the shoulders.

Because of slipping shoulders,

Let her fairy temperament drop a level.

Tang Wei, is also a representative figure in the actress.

Zhang Zifeng, This slippery shoulder can't stand it.

Having said that, we still come to compare the benefits of flat shoulders.

Huang Jingyu’s shoulders are good, and a casual T-shirt looks like a fan.

Wu Yifan, a high shoulder width, clothes can also be supported.


Comparative shoulders It belongs to Liu Shishi.

She used to rely on swan neck for overheating.

have to say, the shoulders are really ugly,

Wearing clothes always gives a feeling of falling at any time,

The people who are obsessed with obsessive-compulsive disorder want to help them pull it.

In addition, the temperament is also rather cumbersome,

shoulder People who are sedentary for a long time are also more likely to have a chest hunchback.

It is a goddess, and it is a female nerve.

What about the shoulders?

After using the hair block and wearing some shoulder pads,

The best way is to train the system.

Many fitness friends,

I want to practice shoulders Looks good,

However, the shoulder does not practice the trapezius muscle but the more developed and more developed,

It is likely that the shoulder training is not in place or there is a problem.

We use dumbbell shoulders as an example. First, the back is as close to the bench as possible, and the dumbbells are placed. On the same level as the mouth, the boom and the arm are held up at 90 degrees, and the two dumbbells do not touch together when they reach the top.

The second thing to note is that pay attention to the symmetry of the left and right hands, avoiding two-handed referrals Different causes imbalance. In the long run, the shoulders will be asymmetrical due to uneven force. In response to this phenomenon, it is possible to replace the dumbbell with a device.

The third question, is when doing shoulder training, due to the weight too Large, leading to other muscles to participate in obvious, that is, too much leverage, which is why many people practice for a long time, the trapezius muscles feel sore, but the shoulders feel a little lack of reason.

The shoulder does not belong to the large muscle group, more importantly, the accuracy of the movement, to ensure that other parts do not borrow The situation is completed, Even with a lighter weight standard, it is more effective than a heavy weight dumbbell.

Last share one,

Common error in shoulder training Correct the action to everyone.

Shoulders are beautiful,

The problem of slipping shoulders will naturally improve a lot,

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For the perfect shoulder, hurry up and practice.