Sun Yi finally turned herself into Angelababy

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Sun Yi finally turned herself into Angelababy

2018-12-08 00:25:36 417 ℃

It’s the end of various activities together

Because there are more activities to participate in
< /p>

More styles to change

So this time of year

is also when female stars get together for beauty photos

Fun sister turned to a group of photos yesterday

Look at who this is

Like me at first glance as a baby

Please raise your hand

However, this is really not baby

This is Sun Yi

If it is not the watermark in the lower right corner of the photo

I really want to think that the baby is in the photo

< p>And Sun Yi's recent photos

really more than once I was found hitting my baby

If she is cosmetic,

In the "Summer" just finished broadcasting

She is still the original Looks like

If she doesn't have a facelift

, she does let her face from her face.

become a baby's face

Let Sun Yi have such a big change

It should be her makeup and expression

The evidence is

She makes her smile It looks like she is

not like baby

The following is her makeup < /p>

When I first debuted

Sun Yi’s double eyelids are not very obvious

If you don’t stick double eyelids

Change inside double

So she will stick double eyelids when she is filming

Just out of the road When the Moon is transmitted

Her double eyelids are still relatively low

more natural

But then her double eyelids are getting bigger and bigger

Remember "Liangsheng"

The double that has not been swollen since the cut Eyelids

It is the "credit" of the super-high double eyelid stickers

She also relies on double eyelid stickers


You can often see several layers of eyelids being posted in the self-timer

(Pictures are more clear)

Double or Single eyelids can make your eyes look swollen.

The wider the double eyelids, the bigger the eyes are.

It will also look deeper.

It’s like a foreign country. Human eyes

(contrast before and after double eyelid surgery)

So Sun Yi's extra wide eyelids

With a small eye shadow

, her eyes will become as deep as a mixed eye

Everyone knows

baby's father is mixed

< p>(baby parents when young)

baby's eyes inherit the father's mixed feelings

very deep and very characteristic

This is also her most prominent facial features One of the features

So make up the fresh route

Change the route of the mixed makeup Sun Yi

The eyes will look a lot like baby

In addition to eye makeup

Sun Yi’s lip makeup is also close to the baby

She is as thick as her upper and lower lips

The lip and lip are less obvious

The corner of the mouth is also a little drooping

But the upper lip is thin and the lower lip is thick and the beep is

The lip peak is obvious

The lip shape is the smiling lip with the corner of the mouth upturned

Before Sun Yi’s lip makeup is basically based on the lip shape

easy to give one Blunt and blunt feelings

She recently deliberately outlined the upper lip lines

< p> will also deliberately raise the corners of the mouth.

The lower lip is more full.

Lake the lips look like delicate smile lips

Of course

Sun Yi's face a little pocket Ba

is similar to baby

This is also an important reason for two people to hit the face

< /p>

Just what we said

Sun Yi hits the face of the baby in addition to the makeup reasons

The reason for the expression

Expression to the temperament The impact is great

Sun Yi has a full face and a pair of smiling eyes

So her face is very friendly.

It’s sweet and festive to laugh. /p>

The role she played in the past

is also a cheerful and lively personality

So what she left for everyone is

a bright impression

The look of the baby in the face is the way she doesn't laugh.

Weaken the sweet temperament

The feeling of glamorousness

It looks closer The five senses are more powerful.

The gorgeous baby

So say

Makeup and expression (temperament)

It really makes a person’s image change dramatically

But Fun’s personal still prefers grandchildren Sweet look

It’s really a cure to laugh

and I didn’t think she was like Li Wei before

She’s more temperament, Li Wei is even colder

Two people have their own characteristics

Please don’t get lost

It’s still beautiful to have characteristics

author: Fun sister

Assistant: Arale

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