Female big eighteen! Little S daughter changed her hair style is super beautiful, more eye-catching is her figure!

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Female big eighteen! Little S daughter changed her hair style is super beautiful, more eye-catching is her figure!

2018-12-08 10:25:02 399 ℃

Small S, who has been questioned about her husband’s domestic violence, recently publicly confessed on the Internet. This time, not only the sweet photos of the two, but also the husband and daughter Xu Laosan also appeared warmly.

Looking at the old man’s dress is to participate in the stage performance~

After a while, Xu Laosan won the first place in the dance competition and was happy with the small S

In July, the older daughter of Little S also won the first place in the dance competition, and once again rushed to the heat Search. Last month, the eldest daughter participated in the dance competition, this time won the double champion, the small 8 can imagine the small S to express the excitement of the action and expression.

Mom likes to dance, the daughters have perfect inheritance of the dance talent, the gene of the small S is not too strong!

In addition to the outstanding dance skills, the value of the little S daughters has now become the focus of discussion.

In fact, when the children were young, Xiao S himself clearly stated that his child is not a good-looking one, but it is in line with his own aesthetic, and the single eyelids are very advanced.

I didn’t expect this to be said by a small S, especially after the boss’s five senses slowly opened. It comes with a supermodel gas field.

The smooth face and the picking of the Danfeng eye, with a unique oriental charm.

Recently, the small S’s support will expose a new set of photos, and Xu Laoda and his mother cut the same bangs. Also marked with the "mother and daughter" tag.

With the bangs blessing, Xu Laoda has a new height, and the similarity with Korean actress Jin Gaoyin is as high as 98. %!

And, Xu Liuhai of Xu Laoda made her less cold, added a bit of softness, and more It belongs to her young girl.

Sister Xu Lao Er followed her sister and got a bangs, so the small S is about the whole family to cut the bangs ? I have to say that changing hairstyles is more suitable for them~

Even fans of small S say that the most beautiful thing about the whole family is not her.

Users are one-sided praise! The 18th National Women’s Congress has become more and more beautiful. This sentence is too apt to be used by Xu’s daughter.

In fact, they don’t make people look amazing, but the most envious of them is their body.

Small S is not tall, but it is excellent in the legs and thin and straight. Xu Lao Da and Xu Lao Er have inherited this advantage perfectly.

The two long legs of the sisters are really eye-catching. The small S also gave her a combination name. Long-legged girl group."

Funny and lovely Xu Laosan can work hard for a few years and join the sisters to debut!

Although the small S is always very exaggerated in the show, it seems to be heartless. In fact, the small S is a very delicate person. . When she first gave birth to her first child, she said that she didn't like children. She always felt that she hadn't grown up yet.

In the past ten years, she has cultivated three daughters to be excellent and interesting, and given them a healthy and happy environment for growth, it is enough to see her dedication and love for her daughters.

I hope that S can continue to be so fun and energetic now, and grow up with her daughters without any worries~