These 7 stars have been spit out of the ugly, but now they are all worthy of the list, among which Guo Qilin has the biggest change.

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These 7 stars have been spit out of the ugly, but now they are all worthy of the list, among which Guo Qilin has the biggest change.

2018-12-08 10:25:02 601 ℃

It’s said that the women’s big eighteen changes, the more they look better, the entertainment stars, the second generation of the stars, are plain when they are young, but as they grow older, the temperament begins to slowly come out, or the facial features and face are long. Better than before. Come and see who you are today.

Shenyang’s daughter Shen Jiarun, because she participated in the variety show “The First Life” was squandered by many netizens, “but the girl is not too humble,” but the little girl is not humble and said: Beauty is not given by parents, I I won't be proud of being beautiful, nor will I be inferior when I grow ugly. I am me, I am unique. Some time ago, a recent photo of Shen Jiarun broke out on the Internet. In this way, who would say that she is not beautiful?

Sweet, when "Daddy is back", just a lot of netizens have spit out a little sweet, black and ugly , along with how to say Li Xiaoyu how to face. But as the sweetness grows up day by day, the goddess' face is slowly forming, chin, eyes, nose, eyes, etc., a little girl who is alive! But most people like sweetheart not because of her appearance, but her character, lively and weird, often not according to common sense, very naughty~

Well, King. When Huo Siyan and Du Jiang’s son 哼 哼 生日 生日 生日 , , , , , , , , , , , , , 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 很多 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 杜 霍 霍 霍 霍 霍 The mutation is too powerful, but after a few years, the netizen said that the handsome face is bloody, the facial features slowly began to open, and there is a illusion of a mixed-blooded prince,

Li Wei’s daughter Famaitu was even approved by netizens It’s too much like a dad, it’s unsightly, and the teeth are not so good. It was once rated as the second most ugly star. But you look at what she is like today, her skin is white, her face is good, she has a slim, proper trend goddess.

Zhang Ting is recognized as an "old goddess" in the entertainment industry, but her daughter’s looks are hard to say and there is no inheritance at all. Mom's good genes! Later, Zhang Ting once again took photos of her daughter Lin Jialing on the Internet. Although the facial features are not as refined as the mother Zhang Ting, but it is also very delicate and lovely, it can be said to be slim.

Zhao Yihan, Xiaoming Niu Niu, is the daughter of Zhao Benshan’s second wife, Ma Lijuan’s twins. At the age of 8, Zhao Yihan made his debut on the Liao Dynasty Spring Festival Evening, singing and dancing. The gene of my father, Zhao Benshan, was quite powerful. Others knew that it was Zhao Benshan’s relatives and daughters! However, the changes now are quite large!

Guo Yulin: Many people say that Guo Qilin and Guo Degang were really a model carved out, it looks like Guo Qilin, who is fatter than his peers, has also been heated up. Many people say that this child seems to be unable to save, but he succeeded in losing weight. It is really a big change, and he has made a new height. It seems that our fat people are really potential stocks.

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