Frozen red carpet is more beautiful than the United States, Zhang Ziyi ultra short hair dragging the value! Guan Xiaoyu old-fashioned but Yan Song children?

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Frozen red carpet is more beautiful than the United States, Zhang Ziyi ultra short hair dragging the value! Guan Xiaoyu old-fashioned but Yan Song children?

2018-12-09 20:25:25 359 ℃

Today, the 17th China Watch Awards ceremony was held at the Water Cube. The lineup was very strong. Most of the stars in the entertainment circle will attend the awards ceremony. The excitement is comparable to the Spring Festival Evening.

The lineup is so powerful, the red carpet is also very exciting.

Li Bingbing

As the host of the ceremony tonight, Li Bingbing and Huang Wei took the lead on the red carpet. This styling is still her best combination with the routine, the state is very online, there is nothing to be critical from head to toe, but also very clean, except for the frozen people are not picky.

It’s just that the photographer is too weak, and the teacher Huang Yi was shot too short and became the “bodyguard” of the ice. .

Don Juan

Tonight, sugar has given up the sweet girly she loves, and she chose one. A red off-the-shoulder long-sleeved satin gown with a black clutch is very dignified and festive. I feel that she wants to worship an early age with everyone.

Jiang Shuying

Jiangjiang is the most neat one of the red carpets. Straight red lips, sloping shoulder tops with trousers, all the items are the best fit with her temperament.

Yao Chen

Yao Chen, who has always been good in clothing, accidentally locked in the "black list" tonight. . In the perspective polo shirt, white T, wearing a long flower skirt, not only worn the waist but also very old.

Zhou Dongyu

Feng Dongyu, who has a good clothing, has easily thrown into the black tonight. List". Ralph & Russo's pink dress is too complicated, leaving her neck disappearing, and the pink hat on her head is cheaper.

Yuan Yu

The skirt style is very princess, but the color is too dark, it looks dirty, most What is important is that the design of this type of skirt is easy to grow. Although Yuan Hao is the queen of the vest line, the skeleton is not small, and the temperament is not a girl. The dress worn on her body can not only bring out her temperament, but also drag the body.


Compared with the red carpet shape that was previously stunning, this time "Regressed. The black Barbie powder + thin chiffon does not lift the texture, it is very cheap, so that she looks like a ceremonial lady, but fortunately her beauty, good condition.

Tang Wei

The dress is ok, but the manners and hairstyles have to be given a bad review. A hairstyle goes all over the world, does Ms. Tang Wei really not want to find a hair stylist?

Zhang Ziyi

The most amazing surprise for the red carpet tonight is Zhang Ziyi, not her dress. How gorgeous it is, but her new hairstyle is too stealing.

In the subzero weather, everyone is thinking about how to wear Tibetan trousers to keep warm, Zhang Ziyi Cut a super cool short hair, although the value is online, but the hairstyle is still a bit awkward. Many netizens lamented that the hairstyle was dragged down by the hair. How much do you give this hairstyle?

Guan Xiaoyu & Song Zuer

The style of Guan Xiaoying is completely without surprise, and the soup is not changed. Still a gauzy sleeveless dress. I don't know how many similar long skirts her stylist reserved for her.

Although it is a gauzy fairy dress, the upper body design and color of the dress are somewhat old, suitable for the singers to wear the Spring Festival Evening stage.

The dress of Song Zuer who walked with her on the red carpet and the overall shape match are lighter and more fashionable.

Song Zuer and Guan Xiaotong are the red carpets of the group, and the two popular 95-flowers are naturally in the same frame. .

Although the style is old-fashioned, but with Song Zuer, many people who have eaten melons have voted for Guan Xiaotong.

Although the dress is old-fashioned, Guan Xiaoyu, who is tall and tall, is still very dominant.

At the same time, Song Zuer was too "light enemy" and met her opponent who was much taller than herself. She was still hunched and in a posture. Slack, and Guan Xiaotong next to him not only has the advantage of height, but also pays attention to his own posture, and straightens his back.

Guan Xiaoying, although the style is old, but the skirt is large, and there is also a height + good body blessing, natural It is also easier to get out of the box, so it is not surprising that the people who eat me and give the ticket to her.

So, do you think these two little flowers are better than the box?