Yang Mi red carpet 挨 frozen on the hot search Who said that the skirt can only be "just" wearing in winter!

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Yang Mi red carpet 挨 frozen on the hot search Who said that the skirt can only be "just" wearing in winter!

2018-12-09 20:25:32 317 ℃

It’s getting colder and colder, but all kinds of festivals are only increasing. The gathering place of big coffees is naturally not lacking in topic points. Nearly zero outdoor wearing a tulle long skirt appeared on the red carpet once on the microblogging hot search, causing fans to feel distressed, have shrunk the power stylist Jiang Chengyu, ordered him to withdraw from the Yang Mi work team.

Although the female star’s appearance in the mirror is beautiful, it’s nothing new, but in fact, the skirt is really not just a good look, but you don’t believe that other stars are wearing the same fairy. Fully warm, big power stylist please look over~

杨幂 If you don't have this layer of irregularly opened tulle, it will be very common. The red dots are playful and cute. It is absolutely suitable for the power of the age of the ages~

Printed jackets and military wind coats create a feminine look.

The big cousin has been walking the street, using a sporty sweater + see-through tulle Half skirt, looks cute and 哒~

In fact, there are many ways to wear yarn in winter, now Huang Shang Let's teach everyone~

suit + half skirt

I believe that everyone who sees this year is the combination of suit + skirt, you can use it for cold weather. Denim trousers + tulle skirts are fashionable and age-reducing, and it is very fashionable to wear a suit jacket~

Sweaters + Tulles

Even the well-regulated sweaters can be combined with the yarn styles. You can choose the exaggerated bow design yarn to wear in the sweater. The colored side of the veil looks very smart in the winter~

Short jacket + even Yarn dress

This year’s popular dress is to put a layer of light-colored gauze on your good LOOK, which will reveal the inside of you. With the combination, it can also add brilliance to the styling, and then wear a short jacket to create a body proportion is more perfect.

Fur ​​jacket + gauze

Nothing is more luxurious than The fur coat and the skirt are more suitable. You must try both the extravagant and the fairy!

Nude color skirt + colored pants

If you want Single-sleeve dresses can be chosen to fit loosely in tight-fitting sweaters and colorful pants, and the hormone that walks in one second~

< p>Lianyi gauze + tube top

The large-area gauze dress is inevitably a bit single, you can use the solid color tube top to manually distinguish, and at the same time you can outline your body shape~< /p>

Cake dress + down jacket

This combination is more exaggerated. The ordinary down jacket with an exaggerated cake skirt looks like a warm and stylish combination.

The past is equally exciting. Huang Shang is an old man

Zhang Yuning and the 7-year-old baby wearing the same sweater age-reducing effect?

Recognized the world's most beautiful After two divorces, how did she evolve from a goddess to a heroine at the age of 34?

Liu Wen Ouyang Nana is pursuing in 2018: It looks very round. It is very embarrassing to wear!

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