Angelababy is amazing, and the grandfather is thick, warm and fashionable to treat the old cold legs!

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Angelababy is amazing, and the grandfather is thick, warm and fashionable to treat the old cold legs!

2018-12-10 10:25:39 426 ℃

This week, two consecutive large coolings have made the fashion elites have to go down and wear thick clothes. . Most of the female stars are not afraid to chill in the light. Angelababy's stack of gauze dresses is like Caixia Fairy, and Song Wei's neat Xiaoxiang coat is handsome. However, who can break through the encirclement and win the most will wear the throne? Still have to look at the vote in your hand!


Listing reasons: "Where is this Caixia fairy?"

This week, the biting cold wind did not stop the baby from using a thin stack of gauze dresses to let the cold and numb mortal stunned. The stacked gauze is scattered like a cloud, and the warm and soft orange color is too much, as if the sky's Caixia fairy is mistaken. This is the true god of the gods!

The clever bones look I don’t see enough for it!


Listing reasons: "There is always a new height in the gentle and fragrant scent"

No one can stop the former "milk scorpion" from being overbearing. The direction is running all the way. Recently, Song Wei, who frequently appeared on the list, used a classic "black and white match" to enter the list this week. The gentle white fragrance suit disintegrates the chilly, clean and gentle feminine feel of the black tight leg pants Martin boots.

Qin Yu

Listing reasons: "Wearing white The Qin dynasty of the skirt is the Rongyin cherub himself!"

This week, the Fuchao Queen, who went out of the palace to observe the people's feelings, took off the gorgeous flag and put a noble and delicate white dress out of the ultimate gentle and dignified. Such a beautiful face and a good figure, it is no wonder that the big pig's hooves are like Qianlong, and they have always been obsessed!

Qin 岚 in Naeem Khan< /p>

Song Zuer

Listing Reasons : "The strength of the ancestors and sisters proves that it can be very fashionable to keep warm."

Who said that wearing thick is not good with fashion? The mother of the geese used the strength of the demonstration to face. The white lambskin coat looks beautiful at a glance, and there are no problems with a few long-leg jeans in the wide-leg jeans. The warmth and fashion are both max. With my grandparents and sisters, my mother is no longer worried about wearing a thin windbreaker in the winter.

Margot Robbie

Listing reasons: "The clown woman turned into a body !White gauze dress is very beautiful goddess"

The new work of the big beauty Margot has recently come out of the street, the shape of the change eyeball harvester. However, nothing more than a white gauze skirt on the red carpet, like the goddess out of Greek mythology, glamorous and noble. The former "Clown Girl" also turned over!

Hailee Steinfeld

The reason for the list: "The dark orange jumpsuit shows a long, long leg"

There was no such careless use of a dark orange jumpsuit to show off the long legs of my mortal crusher, Hailee I advise you kindly!

Learn Star Wear a pair of clothes,

You can make a list on Bazaar Street!

Want to "I want to go to Bazaar Street to take the list", you must wear a pair of clothes, and you can not lose to the stars for each confident! Every week, we will select 5 people from the Basha Daren Group to upload their own street photos, and send you to the Bazaar Street to take the list. Come and see if you have this list?

The reason for the list: "Yellow beret red lips, full of retro taste"

< p>@HF?

The reason for the list: "Winter will also use the pink tenderness of the girl's heart"

< /p>


The reason for the list: "Green is really bold!"


The reason for the list: "Minimal black and white to create a sense of balance"


The reason for the list: "The gentle pleated skirt dissolves the cool black suit"


It’s time to exercise your holy vote! Which actress will surprise you, and who can pick up the title of "I want to take a place on the Bazaar Street", come and vote.