Guan Xiaoyu Song Zuer with the frame, no retouching out! The same 20 years old, the difference between temperament and body is a bit big

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Guan Xiaoyu Song Zuer with the frame, no retouching out! The same 20 years old, the difference between temperament and body is a bit big

2018-12-10 10:25:43 419 ℃

Speaking of the China Watch Award last night, it was a grand PK contest, and all the small flowers and traffic students made a lot of concave shapes to participate in this event. However, people are better than people, than dead. The gaps are often seen in the same frame. The following "participants", this dressing and temperament, can be said in the same box:

I saw the stars shining in the evening, and Wu Lei, who was on the way, Song Zuer and Guan Xiaoyu were grouped together to take a picture of the red carpet. I saw Wu Lei standing in the C position, a black suit is calm and handsome. This set of looks looks simple, but it uses a different material to show the layering of the mix, although it is All Black's look, it is not monotonous.

The most interesting thing is the Guan Xiaotong and Song Zuer who walked the red carpet together. Both of them are It’s just a 20-year-old young girl, naturally it’s inevitable to be worn and in a state. Let's take a look at the two little flowers who are better at the night!

Let’s first take a look at Guan Xiaoyu’s style, although Miss Sister has always had the title of “national niece” However, because the clothing is suddenly going up and down, it will always be heated by netizens. I saw that she was wearing a dark blue openwork dress that was embellished with gems and sequins, gentle and elegant. Under the light, the hem of the bonnet is like a starry sky.

These series of intensive photos released by the studio are really beautiful! Plus Guan Xiaoyu's delicate and short hair on the same day, there is no old-fashioned style in the past. The slightly transparent design on the chest adds a touch of femininity, which is better than many previous look. It’s a little princess to shoot a charming pose against the camera.

And from the picture, Guan Xiaoying’s face is also very good, plus a beautiful makeup and a touch of red Lips are very good-looking. The flower-style ring and earrings on the hand complement each other, very beautiful~

Many people see the studio The intensive map has a feeling of bright eyes, but when Daxie sees the unrepaired scene at the scene, it is a bit of a sense of difference! After all, this dress is quite a tall figure, wearing a temperament extra points! However, as long as the body is a little stronger, it will wear a bloated feeling. Guan Xiaoyu of the scene map fell off the pit.

In fact, the whole process of Guan Xiaoying’s face value is online, but her shoulder width is wide. A big loss. Guan Xiaoyu is notoriously tall in the entertainment industry, and the skeleton is relatively larger. As long as the arm is a little longer, it will be obvious to wear this dress. In particular, the design of the round neck makes Guan Xiaoyu not only look like a strong arm, but also the lines on the neck are not elegant enough.

The same is true for Song Zuer, who is on the same stage. The scene map is much stronger. Song Zuer chose a long lace dress with a tube top on the night. This long skirt is indeed very fairy. Even if she blocked her big leg advantage, she showed her slender waist and delicate neck collarbone. Come out. The design of the waist is pure and elegant:

Especially the big bow on the skirt is embellished, but it adds a touch of beauty. People's sense of sight. The classic black and white skirt is cute and playful and not easy to make mistakes. With the thin arms and thin legs, you can't see a little bit of the picture! Sure enough, from childhood to big child star, plus white fat, Song Zuer did not see a bloated feeling.

In fact, I want to say that the whole face is not lost. It’s the worship of the meat on the arm that grabbed the mirror! Obviously, this kind of skirt with a bare arm is not wrong. It is also high. It is even taller than Wu Lei and Song Zuer, who are thinner.

Some people think that Song Zuer is more refined and better in the photo, while another group feels that they are looking at Guan Xiaoyu at a glance. The whole is bigger. In the unrepaired picture released by China's vision, it seems that the two people's face values ​​are comparable, but there is still a gap in the figure. What do you think?

But the temperature in these days is so low, it’s really courageous for female stars to wear so little to attend the event! It’s not right to give them a best courage award. So it doesn't matter if it's beautiful or not, I think it's very important to keep warm, but don't be cold and cold~

< Strong> You think that Song Zuer and Guan Xiaotong are in the same box. Whose state and match is better? Is the atmosphere of elegant Guan Xiaotong, or a lively and playful Song Zuer? Welcome to leave a message to tell you.