The gap between lipstick and lipstick is so big, I really see it!

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The gap between lipstick and lipstick is so big, I really see it!

2018-12-10 10:25:43 292 ℃

"The first piece of cosmetics a woman has should be a lipstick!"

I think the beauty of Elizabeth Taylor is really true.

In a delicate make-up, without lipstick, it will be dull.

As Zhang Ailing said,

"You can apply powder without sputum, but at least apply lipstick.

If you apply lipstick , you can make the whole person shine."

Lipstick will make you look better and more facial features Double the gas field,

without applying lipstick, except for the makeup reduction,

You can still get a lot of care:

Are you sick? ? Why are you so embarrassed?

It doesn't look like the spirit is not the most terrible,

The most terrible thing is that there is no lipstick. Brightening,

minutes and ten years old.

There are many times when the contest between two women is

not lost. Yan value, just worse on the lipstick!

The same is the queen of the gas field,

Zhang Ziyi with lipstick.

It looks better and more eye-catching than Carina Lau.

The same flower is a hot mom,

a big power with a big red lips


It also looks more youthful than baby.

Song Jia, who usually looks good and looks good,

just because he didn't apply lipstick.

It’s not as good as the unknown red net next to it!

Do you see the gap?

Let's take a look at it again,

the same face value,

What is the difference between lipstick and lipstick? !

Emma Watson

The goddess of Kate Dale,

There is no lipstick, it is a college student,

She painted her red lips,

It’s the goddess of arrogance and cuteness max~

Miss Chung


Anne Hathaway

Moldy mold without lipstick, authentic "Country" female singer,

Apply lipstick,

Let the blonde look deeper and more refined,

Second fascinating pop girl.

Lily Collins

European people with facial features and fair skin need lipstick,


Our Asians are even more focused on red.

Wang Yudan,

The left side is an older young man who has no spirits,

The right side is a young, delicate temperament girl.

Ni Ni


Cai Yilin,

The left vicissitudes of the mulberry are especially dark,

There is a delicate gas field on the right side, so I can see it.

Yang Mi


Miss beautiful lady Di Lieba,

No lipstick It’s also beautiful,

but it’s not as amazing as the retro red lips.

Liu Wen

Because there is no red lips on the hot search of Jiang Shuying,

Strength is the strong influence of red lips on age, color and gas field.

All the cures and lipsticks continue!

Lipstick is a girl's temperamental face knife!

So don’t ask me why I buy so many lipsticks in the future!


I bought so many lipsticks s reason!