The girl insisted on fitness for 3 years, but her weight soared to 150 pounds. How many people awoke behind the truth!

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The girl insisted on fitness for 3 years, but her weight soared to 150 pounds. How many people awoke behind the truth!

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When a girl, from 110 pounds to 150 pounds

What do you think of?

Blood? obesity? Hu eat sea drink?

But Karina Elle gave us another answer

to see how she is now 150 pounds

Peach, buttocks, vest line

There is a waist, a chest, a chest, and a leg.

The body exudes a charming charm. /p>

In fact, like many girls

In the beginning, Karina’s definition of beauty was slender

Controlling body weight by various means such as dieting

This makes her weight stay at 110 kg for a long time


But women seem to be harsh on their weight

I always think about being thinner and thinner. /p>

More than 100 pounds, I feel that I need to lose weight at any time

Karina is no exception

It’s just that she is going to lose some weight

More slender and beautiful.

A swimsuit model walks the show deeply.

Those swimsuit models with vest lines

Some are more fat than Karina< /p>

But they are confident and healthy

The beauty of full strength can instantly take away the audience's eyes

Since then, Karina walked in The gym

The rain and rain started your own exercise

Want to get rid of the thin image

Welcome a different one

The stories of those counter-attacks always tell us

How many pounds to lose, in order to get a stunning figure

However, Karina persisted for 3 years. But the weight is increased by 40 pounds

but at this moment she will never be bothered by weight

No need to say a word, a set of comparison pictures can explain Everything

Excessive fatification is sexy muscle

Weight gain, the whole person's temperament Greatly increased

There are always people who think that the scale is an essential tool for fitness

Every day, the number on the scale is broken. Heart

but weight has never been unique Judging criteria

The same person, the same weight

The body and temperament may be quite different

Although the body weight does not change

but the ratio of body fat to muscle

There has been a fundamental change

No longer have to worry about walking in the street

Pointing point

Waist, hip, leg circumference

are reduced < /p>

The skin is tighter

Wearing clothes is more versatile

Going to the beach is always the focus of existence

The body is getting lighter and lighter

The face is also getting better looks

Body quality and mental state have changed

More confident and more energetic

< p>From passers-by to goddess

Sometimes it doesn't matter with weight

The same 100 pounds

The figure is definitely the difference.

The number on the scale is just a number. Br>

It doesn't prove anything

When the fat stacked on the waist is sexy vest Line Replacement

When the loose legs of the legs are replaced by beautiful muscles

Who will worry about the constant weight?

3 years, the weight did not drop

But the whole life was suddenly clear

The inferiority of the body has disappeared because of the body

How do you take a selfie on your own?

How to take a selfie is good

Fat can also There is a fat symmetry

Even sometimes as the weight gains

instead become More beautiful

It’s clearer than before

but it looks like it’s a big circle

This is probably the charm of fitness

Fitness is the only one in the world

< p>If you insist on it, there will be something to return

Even if it is very thin

When you go to the gym to temper it

There will be unexpected gains

Many times we When you are in fitness, the cart is upside down.

Your mental state, your physical fitness

is what fitness should focus on

and not just that number

To enjoy the process of sweating

To enjoy the process of controlling the body

Life is only such a time

Why don’t you cherish the impermanent body

Give it with your heart

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