Bulgari released a gathering of stars, Lin Xinru stood out with a golden skirt, really gave a long face after 70

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Bulgari released a gathering of stars, Lin Xinru stood out with a golden skirt, really gave a long face after 70

2018-12-12 20:25:23 488 ℃

A few days ago, the famous high-end jewelry brand BVLGARI (Bvlgari) held the brand's new Fiorever series of jewelry launches in Beijing, and also invited a number of domestic star friends to come to help. Let me take a look at it, what are the goddesses dressed up?

The recent fashion resources are getting better and better, Tan Songyun, this time was officially invited to attend the conference. On the same day, Tan Songyun wore a white dress with simple thin high heels, as always, her favorite fresh and sweet route.

The length of the skirt of the ankle and ankle is not only cumbersome to wear on the small head of Tan Songyun, but rather The overall adds a touch of elegance. Handcuffed this Bulgari color chain bag, can be matched with her white dress to wear and match, but also comes with a little bit of playful feet. Facing the camera, the smile of Miss Tan Songyun after 90s is still as sweet as usual. I wonder if there is any warmth to you?

"Little Ears" Chen Duoling has been showing the image of a girl next door since she debuted, and the white skirt is more Often her style is standard. However, Chen Duling, who attended the brand launch this time, did not choose to wear a white dress. Instead, she wore a pure black tube top dress and then matched it with Bulgari jewels. She was elegant and dignified. The appearance was amazing.

In addition to the exquisite clavicle line of Chen Duoling, this tube top dress also makes her one The deputy "swan neck" looks very eye-catching; and the fluffy skirt on the whole also creates a European-style princess retro style. That night, dressed in a black dress with black high heels, Chen Duling, beautiful like a black swan, very noble and charming!

娄艺潇 wore a black and white mosaic dress with a new collection of jewelry on the night. In terms of color, her black and white two-tone dress is a collection of elegant and elegant black dresses and fresh and beautiful white dresses. It can be seen that I have used my mind in the choice of clothing.

This little dress is not only designed with a shoulder to design a small show clavicle line, but also to make the girl's temperament intensified The designer also added additional ruffled elements to refine it, making the ageing effect double! The 30-year-old 娄 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇 潇

Yang Rong, who was invited to attend the Bulgari event, successfully put himself out of the most beautiful "flower fairy". But don't misunderstand, Rongmei is not wearing a floral dress~ The day's Yang Rong is wearing a white short slim dress. The skirt and sleeves of the dress have romantic petals as an embellishment. Big highlights, giving people a feeling of beauty and beauty!

When I saw Yang Rong wearing a white flower skirt, he couldn’t help but watch this scene when he gently bowed his head. I want to sigh a "women like flowers and dreams." Saying that this collection of beautiful, fairy, gentle and elegant "flower fairy" Yang Rong, is really 37 years old...

Lin Xinru, who is the 42-year-old who won the "biggest age" female star, although the age is not dominant, but the shape of the day is perfect! A golden sling dress with exquisite jewellery, elegant and noble, confident and charming, I almost thought it was the "Goddess of Athena".

In addition to a blingbling sling dress, the 42-year-old Lin Xinru has a hot head for age reduction. Romantic little roll out of the mirror. The girl's own value is still the same, plus a playful and full-bodied hair type to make a decoration, the heart is like a sister who seems to return to the age of 22 for a night!

In your opinion, which female star's styling is the best?

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