42-year-old Lin Xinru to change hair? The micro-volume hair is full of wild winds, and wearing a pair of jewels is full of pride!

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42-year-old Lin Xinru to change hair? The micro-volume hair is full of wild winds, and wearing a pair of jewels is full of pride!

2018-12-12 20:25:28 571 ℃

All know that Lin Xinru has a hobby and likes to collect jewelry, which can burn money. On December 11th, Lin Xinru attended a jewellery event, wearing a wash-painted tube top skirt, her style was subversive! At a glance, I saw 42-year-old Lin Xinru's hair change, a micro-rolled hair full of wild winds, wearing a jewel is full of pride! Holding a goblet filled with champagne, the smile is generous, this set of looks seems to be her true temperament.

To say that Lin Xinru is not too young, but dress up, both the girl’s pink and mature women’s atmosphere. The body is not thin, the shoulders are round, and the arms are fleshy. This figure is suitable for a tube top dress. The black and white ink-filled pleated skirt makes her temperament light and charming.

With Lin Xinru’s precious jewellery, you can see how much luxury she likes. Gorgeous necklace, petal-shaped ring, bracelet on one hand, in the most eye-catching position, wearing the most shining jewelry, it can easily crown the crown. The principle of dressing up should be understood, and there is no more jewelry to wear when she sees her ears.

Lin Xinru’s hairstyle is the focus of attention. The lady with small curly hair is really familiar with "? I have to say that the retro small roll hair style has a taste, and the meticulously scalded hair is easily tied up. The forehead is a broken piece of bangs, which adorns her beautiful goose egg face.

This cocktail party is really an authentic high society event. The natural beauty of Lin Xinru is wearing a Chinese style tube top dress. Pass the woman's confidence. Before the call, the charm is unstoppable! This time it was really her new rhythm, with a look of offensive makeup, she played the queen's momentum.

So, don't underestimate the woman's potential, maybe you can get back a game with a haircut. The beauty of the curly hair made her a wild and beautiful queen, wearing another skirt, is also a new shock.

Lin Xinru wears a silver sling dress and wears colorful jewels. She is a pretty wild girl with a wild little scroll, but she really can’t recognize it. The space silver pleated dress, sling and deep V design are not worse than the chest dress, but more curved. A high waistline defines a good figure.

The day she was like a striking mermaid, the dress was sexy and elegant, but the hairstyle released nature, it was a little uneasy Points, feel free to sprinkle wild! To know that Lin Xinru has always given us the impression of a prostitute, now it looks like a lion head hairstyle, and has a fight with a foreign princess.

The body can be cultivated, the hair style can be changed, and Lin Xinru like this set of jewelry, which really envied thousands of people. Obviously, this Yang jewelry is a complete set, red four-leaf jewels, designed into necklaces, bracelets and rings, the beautiful Lin Xinru in the jewellery dress, is an unrivaled aristocratic actress.

And not long ago, Lin Xinru was still straight hair like a noodle soup, dragging a blue dress to the ground. Just wear a luxury watch, there is no trace of jewelry.

It’s also beautiful, but at the moment she is more like a weak and well-behaved woman, not possessing the temperament of the overbearing president. .

Lin Xinru, who changed his hair style, is it amazing to you? Seeing the jewelry she had, she suddenly understood why women like jewelry, and it is irreplaceable!