The face collapsed? Yang Mi with the box Tang Yan was approved to be old, was made into a doll in Japan, welcomed by the otaku?

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The face collapsed? Yang Mi with the box Tang Yan was approved to be old, was made into a doll in Japan, welcomed by the otaku?

2018-12-12 20:25:29 513 ℃

Speaking of hot search, which star is the first thought in everyone's mind? Wang Sicong? Wu Yifan? Zheng Shuang? Still three small? The president guessed that your list must be indispensable to these reds. In addition, the number of votes for Yang Wei who had just broken the number of Weibo fans in the previous period should not be low.

A few days ago, when the 17th film China Watch Awards were in full swing, in addition to the four big three small heats A large group photo of Deng Chaofa’s backstage also caused a lot of discussion. From the photos we can see that the stars are gathered together to be a harmonious picture. Super brother seems to have directly sent the original picture without refinement, but still handsome and beautiful.

But Yang Mi and Tang Yan appeared in the same box, and the topic of "Sisters spent the same time in the same room with zero exchanges" rose rapidly, commenting The area immediately became lively. Thinking about it, there is always more heat than no one pays attention to Qiang A, but some do not know whether it is a fan or a passer-by's speech directly biased the direction of speech.

Yang Mi's face collapsed? Looking at it is still a lot old? The president feels that it is still okay. As a small flower after 85, the value of Yang Miyan is still very beaten. Even if the front section is sprayed through the season dress, it is also the stylist's pot. The ability of the power of the power is still unquestionable, and this year's magazine has a lot of cover.

From the flower fairy to the neutral wind, Yang Mi's magazine has a variety of styles, but the hard power is lasting online. It will be coming soon in 2019, and the time in the fashion circle will be faster. This is not, Yang Mi, who won the January issue of the fashion COSMO again, is busy again.

This year’s magazines of Yang Mi’s magazines are the most attractive to the president’s Red power, really has a little bit of the charm of a small fox. In addition, this Kyoto style reminds the president of the news that Yang Mi was made into a hand-made doll in Japan a few days ago.

This picture is shared by netizens on the front line in Japan. The figure is wearing a white wool cap, holding ice cream and The little doll has a pair of black frame glasses on his face. It is said that the price is changed to RMB as much as RMB 1,000, which is not so cheap, but the response in the Japanese otaku circle seems to be good, it seems to be the sales champion. Looking at the follow-up instructions, the manufacturer did not directly admit that this is Yang Mi, but this appearance emm.. soil is a soil point, it is quite obvious.

and this Yang Mi and his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Beijing, the president even thinks The black-rimmed glasses girl above is more vivid. At least this level is still online compared to the statues we have seen in those years.

That said, on the other side, although Tang Yan is a few years older than Yang Mi, it is almost the same batch of big flowers, all witnessing each other. When Yang Mi was married in the same year, Tang Yin was invited to be the only bridesmaid to attend, and received the hand-flowers directly delivered by the power. Nowadays, the sugar candy is so good, the scenery is married, the two sisters are already women, but the appearance is still watery.

Don's life is sweet, and his work performance is also very bright. In 2018, Tang Yan won three of the five major women's magazines and presented 16 different styles of cover.

The entertainment circle is right and wrong. We don’t say so much. We talk about the resources and achievements of the two in the fashion circle. Even if the newcomers come out, they are still firmly in the first place. echelon. I hope that both of them will develop better in 2019, and they will have more good works and share some beautiful photos for everyone.

Want to learn more about fashion, stay tuned to the president.