The mixed-race daughter celebrates Wendi’s 50th birthday, and the two daughters’ values ​​are simply too big!

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The mixed-race daughter celebrates Wendi’s 50th birthday, and the two daughters’ values ​​are simply too big!

2018-12-13 10:25:17 737 ℃

December 11 is Deng Wendi’s 50th birthday. The life of this legendary woman is believed to be unknown to me. In short, the 50-year-old woman is still alive and well after divorce, and the little boys are taller than a single, good figure.

But birthdays are of course a blessing to the family. On the 11th local time, Deng Wendi’s two mixed-race daughters Grace and Chloe are on their social platforms. A photo of the mother and the daughter and wrote in the article: "Mother's birthday is happy, we love you very much!"

The three mothers and daughters in the photo are close to each other. Together, the picture is very warm. The sister on the right, Grace, is like Dad. Her face is sharp and angular, and her facial features are three-dimensional. When she smiles, she is subtle and feminine. The left sister, Chloe, is taller than her sister. She looks more like Deng Wendi, and her body is cool.

Deng Wendi and ex-husband Murdoch brought the test tube Grace (right) to the world on November 19, 2001 with advanced science and technology. On July 17, 2003, Deng Wendi gave birth to Chloe (left).

But when I was a child, Chloe didn't have a sister, so the five senses were clear, and the cuteness was a little less. Although they are all mixed, but my sister looks more toward the West, and my sister is more Asian.

However, after growing up, my sister Grace was a bit blessed, but her sister became a big beauty.
From the photo of my sister and classmates, Chloe is really more and more beautiful. And compared with my sister Grace, Chloe is more open and generous, and often publishes his own private photos on social platforms. Various long legs and swimsuit photos are also visible. Dazzling. In terms of temperament, my sister Chloe and her mother are more similar. I wonder if it will become a new generation of socialite flowers in the future?

I don’t think that the two sisters who are rolling in the ages are getting different and different now. The advantage of mixed blood is really amazing!

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