Obviously, you can go old with grace, but you have to face up. Rose is the most successful. Cao Ying’s intestines have regretted it.

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Obviously, you can go old with grace, but you have to face up. Rose is the most successful. Cao Ying’s intestines have regretted it.

2018-12-13 10:25:17 561 ℃

"The ancient beauty sighs late and does not allow heroes to see whiteheads." Jackie Chan said in his interview that his best way to leave is to die in the filming studio or interview room, because he has created a hero image in the movie. The early Hong Kong film did not even allow his role to fail. The female stars in the entertainment circle are even more so. The best way to quit is to have a shadow in the middle ages, and still have a trace of shadow for the fans to recall. However, there are still some who are still active on the stage. They are not willing to let the audience see the appearance of their aging, and start to choose the facelift. The result is over the fire, and the cases of disfigurement are everywhere.

Du Ruoxi was born in 2009, starring Guo Jingyu’s "Iron Pear Blossoms". From then on, he took an anti-war drama, and Yang Zhigang starred in "Brave Heart". , received praise. In addition, her love story with the ancient goddess Yan Yankuan is enviable, and her wife and sorcerer Yan Yankuan regards her as the treasure of the palm of her hand.

However, Du Ruoxi's facelift is difficult to understand, and the bones on both sides of the face are obviously cut. Is such a pointed chin really beautiful?

One of the most successful female stars in the facelift, from obscurity to red entertainment. In the previously broadcasted TV series "Beijing Women's Picture Book", Rose once again showed the beauty of his hook, and the royal sister was full.

Cao Ying, who hasn’t seen for a long time, finally has a little movement, that is quiet The live broadcast was started because my son was in elementary school and needed to be accompanied, so Cao Ying simply took a rest at home to take care of her son, then was bored and bored, and played live with her son. However, I don’t know if I don’t open it. I’m so scared, and Cao Ying, who hasn’t seen it for a long time, can’t recognize it. If you are old, you won't say it, and the whole face is strange. The chin is sharp, and the forehead is full of something, wide, and bulging.

Everyone suspects that it may be caused by the hairline is too high, Cao Ying himself realized that the second time appeared on the live station, changed a hairstyle. However, some people say that Cao Ying is going to pull the skin, there is no wrinkles on his face, and his forehead still looks very big.

Users are discussing whether Cao Ying’s face is a facelift, and it’s still a failure.

Although cosmetic surgery is his choice, Xiao Bian does not recommend a girl who loves beauty. There are many ways to love beauty, in addition to surgery, you can also change daily maintenance. Next, Xiaobian will share a very practical daily face-lifting method for everyone. The face is thin and the first step is to love beauty!

1. Wash your face every morning with warm water and then wash it with cold water. Use warm water to enlarge pores and cold water to reduce pores to promote facial blood circulation.

After wiping the skin care product, gently pat the face with both hands until you feel your face is hot and reddish. Sometimes the reason why our face appears fatter is caused by facial edema, which may be due to poor metabolism. It may also be caused by drinking more water before going to bed the night before. Therefore, patping the face with appropriate strength is conducive to blood circulation and refreshing.

2. Soak the red beans and coix seed in the morning and cook them the next morning. Red bean glutinous rice soup I don't say that everyone knows that there is not only beauty and beauty, but also the effect of phlegm and swelling. If you don't have time or you are too lazy to cook, you can buy the polished red bean barley powder and drink it, but don't drink it during the menstrual period.

3. When you are idle, you can look up at the ceiling and your jaws slightly forward. Pout your mouth and imagine that you are kissing a man. The neck feels strong tension. Relax for eight seconds. This action will be done whenever I have time, and it will be done when no one is there.

The above method is very effective for face-lifting. If you want to face-faced fairies, you can try it. Of course, if you feel that the method is not enough, you can also pay attention to the WeChat public number: daily weight loss, one-on-one weight loss face consultant free guidance, help you quickly slim down without rebounding!