In 2019, the popular color struck, and the yellow skin was crying? !

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In 2019, the popular color struck, and the yellow skin was crying? !

2018-12-13 20:25:18 1001 ℃

Twenty days after 2018, the popular color of 2019 has already come out. This time, the popular color looks like it is super favorite. As always, it is the favorite warm color in the winter. This time I see the popular color released by PANTONE, I feel super eye-catching. Yeah!

PANTONE officially announced the Living Coral coral color with the color number 16-1546 as the popular representative color of 2019. It looks more like a flamingo with the same color. This creamy shade is warmer and less sharp than the high-saturated orange.

But this pop-up comes out, netizens say the amount of this popular color:

General This orange color tone is not too friendly for the yellow and black skins. The warm orange color that was last written: If the warm winter has color, it must be this!

But the orange is also famous for its whiteness. When the Hollywood actor Xie Nan was present at the event, wearing a coral orange silk dress, it is very cute and cute!

Coral Orange

on the 2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet Heidi Klum appeared, wearing the Elie Saab coral orange dress became the highlight of the audience.

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Liu Wen and Xiao Xiaowen also wore coral oranges in various fashion events, but it is really suitable for yellow skin !

Liu Wen


The white little cute means zero pressure, full of vitality and white. Especially in the street shooting of the last year, all the big tide people have also wore coral orange, and the street in 2019 will be more popular.

Coral orange is also divided into different shades depending on the saturation, which is more similar A transitional color between pink and orange, mixed with a little white, the mix is ​​very advanced and soft.

Not only supermodels and stars love to wear, even the major brands of the 2019 spring and summer series can also See the shadow of the next year's popular colors!

Gucci2019 Early Spring Series

Using Coral Orange It's clever and fun, and the combination with the tulle material is sweeter and fresher. The exaggerated pleated design dress looks like a sparkling wine and looks delicious.

Christian Siriano 2019 Spring/Summer Collection

Highly saturated coral Orange long skirts are stunning and sexy, Different shades of contrast also make the overall look more rich and not monotonous.

Silvia Tcherassi 2019 Spring/Summer Collection

Prada does not have a complete set It is used, but coral orange has become the best embellishment in the spring and summer of 2019. Become one of the main color blocks, and it can be perfectly combined with other colors.

Prada2019 Spring/Summer Collection

Coral Orange in Armani The use of this has become more advanced and simple, and more of the gas field. This is also the best evidence of its popularity as 2019.

Giorgio Armani2019 Early Spring Series

The shade of live coral orange Orderly, let us choose more possibilities:

Want to highlight personality, don't like low-key small Fairies, the whole set of coral colors is a very good choice. The color of the eye can make you the most eye-catching in the crowd.

< p> A little bit of live coral orange like this one, it seems to be very few women to some extent, wearing youthful in spring and summer.

Slightly live coral orange black and yellow skin is also able to hold, lightness Low so it won't pick the skin very much.

The deeper coral orange is more bright and the gas field is stronger. The white effect is true. It’s huge.

The white invincible white does not have one! For the black skin, it is also good to have a white dotted embellishment. With trousers, the solid color is simple and elegant, and the dress is elegant and dignified.

If you don’t want to be so eye-catching, a basic color piece with coral Orange clothing, the two neutralize each other, fashionable also enhances the diversity of colors, avoiding the monotony of the overall shape.

With coral-colored clothing and a dark coat, Transfer people's attention to beautiful colors!

The low-key little fairies on weekdays can wear a single piece of coral orange to make a finishing touch, choice belt There are coral color matching costumes!

Not only in clothing, the so-called popular color will penetrate into every corner of life, For example, coral orange is also very popular in terms of beauty.

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0Knda95kpu" />

So, this looks lively and lovely coral orange, 2019 Do you want to arrange it in the year?

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