Confused... What is she long now?

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Confused... What is she long now?

2018-12-15 00:25:05 439 ℃

Seeing hot searches every day is awkward...

啥? ? ?

Is Lin Yun changing his face? ? ?

Specially searched, it was because of an interview video.

In the video, Lin Yunchang is so ▽

Is it strange?

Let's look at multiple dimensions.

Front view

A little bit of elevation

Slanted face ▽


There is no intention to intercept the black map, because it is the same.

Front view

Side view

Lin Yunming is in memory...


Slanted face ▽


Where is it different?

Put a more intuitive comparison chart▽

Lin Yun seems to be not the baby face that was a little bit fat before, and now face will be more angular.

The most obvious point is that the skull part is much more prominent than before.

The teeth are also a bit strange, causing them to feel the lower lip is everted when speaking.

And I don’t know if it’s a problem with lighting. In the interview video, Lin Yun has a kind of inexplicable expansion on his face.

I remembered Lin Yun’s injection rumors that Lin Yun’s forehead suddenly changed his drum...

However, Lin Yun himself has already responded to Weibo today.

She has a small video on Weibo, and then asked: "What happened to Lin Yun's face?"

The video is the 婶 of the sauce ▽

This looks like the cheekbones are not so sharp, the face is still Round...

I don’t know when the interview video was taken, but I turned over the recent photos of Lin Yun. It’s really less than a few girls’ youngsters, and more mature.

Nowhere to say Change, but it is not the same.

Suddenly, I can’t tell you what Lin Yun’s looks are!


However, Lin Yun is not the first time Everyone said "changing face".

Basic from the beginning of her wearing a dental model, this statement will appear from time to time.

The most impressive impression was the press conference of the 2016 Westward Volunteer. When Lin Yun’s photos came out, many people raised the question of “changing faces”.

After the event is maintained Such a state ▽

The net eye of the netizen immediately found out that Lin Yun did not change his face, but changed his teeth!

Before a row of pointed tiger teeth disappeared, now it is full of neat white teeth

Sure enough, someone immediately told the media that Lin Yun was indeed in the whole tooth.

The reason is that the current teeth are not neat.

There is also a high-definition frontal view of Lin Yun’s pre-dental media released by the media

Side care


At that time, many netizens regretted that Lin Yun, after the whole tooth, was not as good as before.

The girl’s feelings are gone after the whole, and even become awesome.

Later, Lin Yun also sent Weibo to admit that he had a dental model.

After the film promotion ended, Lin Yun appeased everyone to say goodbye to the temporary model.

But now, when I look back, she finds that she said goodbye to the dental model because she finally finished her teeth.. .

From the photos and videos of recent years, the teeth are very neat.

So, Lin Yun’s face will change like this, and it should have a lot to do with the whole tooth.

If you hear about porcelain teeth, you need to consider the shape of the face. If you don't do it properly, you will expose some of the shortcomings of your face.

A lot of people said that Lin Yun had the legendary "breasted face".

Orange Zijun went to search for it, "Bladle Face" is such a ▽

The change is protrusion of the humerus, atrophy of the masticatory muscles, depression of the cheeks, collapse of the ankle.

This is basically consistent with Lin Yun’s current changes.

In addition, Lin Yun has been losing weight. After the baby's fat disappears, the muscle changes will naturally become more Obviously.

唉... In the end, I still miss the little mermaid before.

Everyone must be careful with the whole tooth!