Xie Nasuyan, 37, appeared at the airport. Her face was unrecognized. Na is really old.

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Xie Nasuyan, 37, appeared at the airport. Her face was unrecognized. Na is really old.

2018-12-15 10:25:29 431 ℃

Xie Na believes that everyone knows her. Nowadays, it is also one of the most popular hosts. Everyone is very ancient and very strange. She is also very hardworking. It is not easy to achieve such results now. Now It has become an indispensable one in "Happy Camp", and now it is also the mother of two baby daughters.

I believe that everyone in Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s love is very envious, and their daily life is very sweet. However, it has changed a lot for the other party. The two people who have been married for many years are also welcoming two new members, two lovely baby daughters, and a family of four who are more happy and sweet. Recently, Xie Na also appeared in the airport.

Recently, Xie Nasuyan appeared at the airport, and the skin condition still looks very good, but I can see that Xie Na She is a lot older than the one she saw on TV. The face is also very old. She said that the woman after the birth of the child will be old. Many people who see this kind of sister are also very distressed. Now they are 37 years old. Xie Na looks more like her forties.

I don’t know if it’s the reason for the light or the angle. Seeing that Xie’s apple muscle is full but slightly drooping, eyelids There are also some depressions. It seems that Xie Na’s work has been very busy recently. It is necessary to know that Na’s sister was also guilty of many crimes during her pregnancy. Even after she had finished her child, she did not have a family.

The day Na Na wore a white T-shirt and wore a black jacket outside, loose version After wearing it, it is very handsome. Nai keeps the bangs in the middle, and the editor has a small twist. It is very young, but Na is still paying more attention to rest, not to mention the fact that she is still not breastfeeding.

Xie Na has been out for so many years, and she has a lot of fans. Even passers-by know her, private. Xie Na is also very friendly. There are fans who want Xie Na’s signature. Na’s sister also stopped to sign the fans. It’s very kind. It’s no wonder that there are so many people who like Xie Na, not like many star artists appearing as bodyguards. Surrounded by the crowd, the battle is very spectacular.

Xie Na was with the assistant on the same day. The assistant pushed the luggage cart on one side, and Xie Na herself pushed her own. The suitcase, two people and fans went out to take a taxi at the airport. Recently, Xie Na and Zhang Jie were both very busy. They didn’t see Zhang Jie on the same day. Many fans hope that the two will be able to participate in the next season’s wife. Romantic Travel, too, because I like to watch the daily interaction between them.

This time, Na’s airport photo can be said to be pure and unrepaired. Still online, but her face is too embarrassing under the unrepaired picture, many people are also sighing that Na is really old, and I don’t want many people to look at the photos under the picture, but they may not be able to read them directly, but Na sister’s self-portrait was just a little younger after adding the beauty filter of her mobile phone. It was very cute.