27-year-old Li Wei, 37-year-old Dong Jie, wearing a Christmas-style sweater, but a "fashion car accident"?

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27-year-old Li Wei, 37-year-old Dong Jie, wearing a Christmas-style sweater, but a "fashion car accident"?

2018-12-15 10:25:34 547 ℃

In the blink of an eye, December has passed by more than half, and Christmas is coming. Now this festival is full of joyful atmosphere. Even the wear of the stars is very suitable. On the morning of December 13, a series of photos of Li Wei wearing a Christmas-style sweater were sent online. The sharp-eyed netizens found that this was exactly the same as Dong Jie’s sweater. The two men started a fashion showdown. Let’s take a look at how the two models of Li Wei and Dong Jie wear the same model.

Let’s first take a look at the 27-year-old Li Wei’s knitting suit at the airport. It's easy to get out of the Korean casual route, the soft fabric is comfortable and warm, and the loose version is easy to wear. The cartoon style of the Christmas style is lively, and the light white gives Li Wei's gentleness coefficient a straight line. You can see that this picture of her bow is so beautiful.

This hooded sweater is super-eye-catching, bright grape purple with a small fresh feeling, handsome The sleek sweater is the most powerful piece of contracted street shooting. The classic hooded design creates a visually rich experience and protects the neck from the cold. A small red pattern on the chest adds a personality, and the cross cut at the bottom adds a sense of layering, and the drawstring that is hanging down creates a different personality.

The lower body is wearing light-colored jeans, and the slim-fit version highlights the slender legs for a second. It must be said that Li Wei’s body Really good, plus the high waist line to adjust the proportion of the body, it is really the legs below the waist. This pair of trousers and the cap on the top of the head perfectly echoed, the same denim element appeared on the body is not limited, but instead became a small highlight of the match, suddenly let the airport's Li Wei out of the fashionable texture.

This bag is very beautiful, the white is calm and versatile, and the black-edged inlay adds a sense of three-dimensionality. . The irregular shape of this bag is very creative, and the smooth lines reveal all kinds of styles. The unique detail design makes it have a unique charm. You can see that this clutch bag is infinitely inconspicuous. A sense of seniority.

Li Wei’s travel wear always makes people feel less trendy, more is next door The closeness of the girl seems to have a sense of sight of the passerby. And wearing it in the cold winter is very thin, watching her frozen hands are shrinking, fans are concerned to comment on the grace and don't forget to keep the temperature, let's take a look at Dong Jie's airport travel photos, the two The same jacket was also ridiculed by netizens: a large-scale "fashion car accident" scene.

The 37-year-old Dong Jie is still online, and the same 10-year-old Li Wei is driving the same cute sweater, but this In the photo, she was pulled down by her long coat and her long legs were hidden. If Dong Jie changes slightly in the wearing method, and wears it like Li Wei, plus a short lining, it will better highlight the perfect figure.

Dong Jie’s other items are also good choices. The high-neck sweater is warm and comes with gentle, straight jeans are matched. The omnipotent helper, the white shoes on the feet create a low-key cool, comfortable and convenient to make it the first choice for travel, with a smile on the face and looks very young.

Although both Dong Jie and Li Wei are dressed, this Christmas sweater has the strength of both of them. They have turned over the car, and there are more or less points. Although this cardigan is full of childlikeness, it still needs a lot of thought to wear your own personality. Finally, how do you think Li Wei and Dong Jie are wearing this time?