As an otaku's favorite object, this Asian girl is probably a godsend.

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As an otaku's favorite object, this Asian girl is probably a godsend.

2018-12-17 00:25:41 1377 ℃

The otaku tens of millions

The house goddess is not a few

The goddess of good shape and fitness is even more impressive

However this South Korea The girl

is also one of the goddess who can be named

This girl is actually just a famous fitness girl in the ins

The great god of fitness

The body also has its own fascinating features

But This girl's body is indeed the most favored by Asians

Sister named 오또맘

born in 1992

height 169 cm, weight 54 kg

Having 19w fans on ins

Sweet and tender Appearance

Standard Koreans look like

But because of the sexy body built by fitness

Let her be beautiful in Korea where beauty is everywhere

In the Korean actress's excessive pursuit of slender atmosphere

She pursues not with the masses

What she pursues is the right sense of flesh

On the ins, the sister will put some videos of her usual sports

I hope to encourage and encourage everyone to exercise with her

Old Rules

The sweat behind the good body is a lot of flow

How many times of pain and persistence can be exchanged for a balanced body

< p>

Persist in sports

Sports give back to good body and healthy body

This is the same forever

Perfect body proportion

The circumference of the thoracolumbar leg is a multiplier of her confidence < /p>

Lights, Pools, and Moderate Angle Composition

One Beauty bathing map

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0KqtMYI14p" />

A proud curve and a sweet smile

It is true that she is the goddess of many otaku hearts

However, what everyone has never thought of is

our goddess. ..

Already a wife and mother

Harmony and happy mother and child travel map

唉, I don’t know how many boys’ hearts are broken

The girl's little friend is beautiful and lovely

I can imagine that the other half of the girl is also a good person

▼< /p>

The girl who is already a mother does not derail.

There is no belly, big foul Long legs

There is no place in the perfect body management that she thinks she is a mother.

The so-called hot mom is just that.

< p>

Smile up Straight humans and animals are harmless

< /p>

Before you said

Apocalypse aunt gave it, and then made it yourself

The girl is not only lucky

And you’re working hard today

This is what today’s vestibular backlash

< p>

Seeing more beautiful people is no better than watching your own strength

In the end, other people’s body has nothing to do with themselves< /p>

It’s just right if you don’t get up.

趁You can continue to be beautiful now.

Hurry up.