GUCCI opened a bookstore with antique tables, only 20 knives for the same paragraph.

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GUCCI opened a bookstore with antique tables, only 20 knives for the same paragraph.

2018-12-17 10:25:33 505 ℃

Talk about the most unconventional brand this year

GUCCI is definitely on the list

Opening the 2018 autumn and winter show in the operating room at the beginning of the year

The model comes to see

The release of the 2019 early autumn series in the middle of the year

directly selected at the Alice Kang Cemetery

Model accompanied by a burning tomb Fire to the audience...

After the end of the year, the exhibition will be held


Other brands like to take some beautiful photos

On the big screen of various shopping malls

GUCCI is good

Directly find the building Lou, hangs the artist's head photo

This is not, he Recently, I opened a bookstore without doing business.

Or the most concentrated area of ​​artists in New York: SOHO area

< p>

Starting around the 1960s

There are a lot of artists gathered because of the cheap rent

Just knock on the door on the street

There is probably a great touch of art when opening the door

With the pop artist Andy Warhol

The first studio is here

GUCCI The location is really a lot of pains

However, if you don’t look at the house sign

you can’t find the bookstore of GUCCI

Because its appearance is the same as other buildings

Because you can find the inside of it

literally and romantic design style

shows the retro style of GUCCI

A large European carpet at your feet

may be older than you

Most of the furniture in the store is also restored wooden antiques

this reading desk for book display


It is actually the chanting stage of the last century

A special arrangement is placed in front of the bookshelf< /p>

Arch with the words "FARMACIA" pharmacy

seems to imply: books are the best medicine

More than 2000 copies are placed on the shelf

by Dashwood Books, an independent photography bookstore

The carefully selected book by founder David Strettell

covers fashion, art, photography, architecture, etc.

For example, the Japanese designer Kawakubo’s book of the same name

comme des garcons

There are some out-of-print books and journals

like this Interview magazine that has been republished


If you can find it, you have to look at luck

When making internal layouts

Consider the style of this neighborhood

They also repaired and maintained the interior

Roman-style pillars and whole-faced brick walls used as supports in the middle

This is Building Historical traces


Little Pin feels the most attractive Not only the above

but here you can also get a

GUCCI director's office!

Creative Director Alessandro Michele's real office is as follows

The same wooden antique home

European large carpet and Roman style relief

Inspirational environment is available for you

In order to show your sincerity

The book on the Michele table has been moved almost intact

The beloved turtle specimens are not sold

Other seasons Fashion Inspiration Materials

You can buy them at the bookstore

There are also limited edition books published by GUCCI themselves

New York Times that publishes GUCCI related news, etc.

All can be taken away

< p> minimum as low as $20

You can get the same inspiration for GUCCI recommendation

Besides this There are also souvenirs in the Soho neighborhood.

The following cream-colored green and printed architectural patterns

$20 can’t start

Then you can't let go of these cheap and beautiful things

To make this a true “cultural place”

GUCCI is also planning to make some cultural events

Just before the bookstore opened soon

GUCCI's jewelry ambassador and British musician Florence Welch

opened a private poetry sharing session here

If time is wrong, don’t just miss it.

The possibility of encountering a big coffee here is still Very large

Because you are a casual clerk

maybe a book expert from GUCCI

It’s not too boring to go shopping here

Soho has not only a wide variety of brands and niche stores

Another GUCCI Wooster with a screening room The store is next door

(two minutes walk)

When you are tired, sit down and watch a movie

Screening GUCCI Listed for you

are some experimental movies and videos about this neighborhood

In a nutshell,

It’s compared to selling an expensive fashion

GUCCI will show the culture you like without reservation. For you

Let's take a look at the designer and the team's cubs in the end.

Change for a meal One inspiration with GUCCI

It’s worth it to think about it


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