How did the beautiful girl who was amazing in the world 4 years ago?

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How did the beautiful girl who was amazing in the world 4 years ago?

2018-12-17 20:25:00 670 ℃

This beautiful girl, do you still remember?

Altynbekova Sabina, a volleyball player from Kazakhstan.

At the Asian Cup Youth Women's Volleyball Tournament on July 16, 2014, everyone caught the volleyball baby at a glance~

At the time, Sabina was only 17 years old, with a height of 1 meter 82 and a leg length of 1 meter 2. Supermodels are far behind.

plus white skin, angelic face, like a delicate doll .

It can be said that there is no dead angle in 360 degrees, and how to capture it is good.

Pure, cute, laugh Super sweet~

One stop there is the value of the volleyball world.

Although Sabina did not get a medal in the volleyball match, she was the first to explode on the Internet. red. Her beauty has been published in major media publications, and even her comics have emerged.

The venue was crowded with cheers for her, and her Instagram fans skyrocketed overnight. It also set off a hot discussion, known as "the world's first volleyball girl", "the first beauty of Kazakhstan", "12 head beautiful girl." .

Ran, so one Zhang Qingchun's human face, recently, someone found that it has changed!

Thick lips, pointed chin, European big doubles...Sister, who are you? ? ?

Now all her self-timer comes with a red attribute, the five senses are filled with a plastic flavor, giving people the first A feeling - fake!

< p> When he took part in the event, he never had a natural look. The entire school face turned into a nightclub aunt...

Seeing recent photos of netizens, they all said that they don’t understand: volleyball beauty is "can’t open" Going to face up? ? ?

Comparatively, I found that Miss Sister’s original good looks are natural Asian aesthetics, and now she seems to be pursuing the Western Internet red aesthetic, and the result is like this...< /p>

(Kadean-style thick lips, it’s really harmful...)

哎 ,unfortunately! It’s just a violent thing!

Beautiful young ladies, can you please don’t let your face go? !