In the same field, the United States, Zhou Dongyu, the shadow of the old-fashioned style, Guan Xiaoyu accidentally became a "black horse" beauty open!

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In the same field, the United States, Zhou Dongyu, the shadow of the old-fashioned style, Guan Xiaoyu accidentally became a "black horse" beauty open!

2018-12-25 10:25:04 483 ℃

To say Jiang Shuying, Zhou Dongyu, Yang Zi, Guan Xiaoyu, four female stars are on the same stage. According to the red carpet they think they are playing, do you think the four of them are the most amazing one? It’s Yu Jiejiang’s shadow, the playful Yang Zi, the fashionable Zhou Dongyu, or the clothing that has been spit out? Recently, four female stars have been on the same stage, but the results of the United States are somewhat unexpected. Let's have a product together.

Jiang Shuying

The neat ponytail, the temperament red lips with the shiny tassel earrings popular this year, Jiangjiang’s head is very Exquisite, but also very suitable for her temperament.

But the dress selection was a bit too dull and conservative, and lost a lot of points. Although this dress has a high-pitched blessing, it shows the beautiful legs of Jiangjiang, a little sexy, but the black area is too large, long sleeves + small round neck, it is too old-fashioned, no modern sense of vitality.


A white gauze dress, light and sweet Very suitable for Yang Zi's girly temperament. Probably think that this sweet style dress is too "small", the stylist gave her a black pearl handbag that is much older than the skirt. This magical mix and match makes Yang Zi look like stealing her mother. Handbag, sneaking out of the party for the little girl.

With less filter bucks, this white gauze skirt also reveals its "true", less The texture is cheap, so that Yang Zi seconds become "Ayilian girl."

Zhou Dongyu< /strong>

Zhou Dongyu has always been a small, fashionable representative. Although small, but good posture, temperament and vitality, coupled with the stylist to force, her private clothing and red carpet modeling is not only rarely mistakes, often there are unexpected surprises.

This red carpet, her style is also very surprising. The first is her ultra-short hair, this ultra-short hair that is close to the scalp is really a test of the face value. Although there are inconspicuous children's faces, this hairstyle has successfully made Zhou Dongyu a teenager.

Not only the hairstyle is old, but the stylist who has been giving strength has also "missed" this time. Although the pettiskirt has a playful vibrancy, but with a small black suit + old hairstyle, there are still some styles.

The biggest highlight of this style is on her feet, the bold and avant-garde Zhou Dongyu tried this fashion week street beat The hot wearing method, the shallow mouth single shoes with socks, the single shoes become short boots, this wearing method is somewhat bold and very warm.

This bold dressing is paired with this outfit. What do you think?

Guan Xiaoying

The shape has been being spit out of Guan Xiaotong, the most recent The shape has been improving, and this time it has become a red carpet "black horse", winning a lot.

This dress is still the favorite princess dress of Guan Xiaolan, and is her favorite star element style.

The short shoulder sleeve can not only cover her worship, but also dignified. The texture of the champagne color also lifts the skin. Judging from Guan Xiaoying's posing pose, she is quite satisfied with the dress tonight.

The dress looks good, the makeup is also very powerful, the shiny little earrings add exquisiteness and will not be too popular . The pros and cons can not be dragged and can increase the sense of girlhood. This set is definitely one of her best styles in 2018.

Finally, do you think this time is better than the four female stars who played the best? Who is the best in your mind