The "Girl Power" that will wear the short skirt is back! Can Li Jiaxin, 48, play more?

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The "Girl Power" that will wear the short skirt is back! Can Li Jiaxin, 48, play more?

2018-12-25 10:25:05 815 ℃

After the end of the year, the activities continued, and the female stars also lingered in the red carpet. Yang Mi used a small white dress to re-examine the power of what is called "powerful girly feeling", and the old-fashioned big beauty Li Jiaxin used a futuristic full-length pleated dress to absorb the eye. However, the most popular throne in this week will be spent on the rest of the family.

Yang Mi

On the list: "The most white dress will be worn." The "Girl Power" is back!"

The female star who wears a little white dress in the entertainment circle is not our big power, and Yang Mi, who has repeatedly entered the list with various small white skirts this week. He used a "old routine" to wear out "new stunning", and the tailored white skirt quietly revealed the perfect curve, and the baby blue pointed collar added a touch of playfulness. That's right, it's a girl power!

Yang Mi in Valentino 2019 Early Spring Series


Listing reasons: "The fairy please use the beauty of the world to benefit the world"

This week, I don’t know what good luck is going on, many long time no show, only the fairy in childhood memories. The goddess of Li Jiaxin, even the goddess of the goddess of the gods, has appeared for a long time. A futuristic metal pleated dress makes it impossible to ignore the beauty that seems to have never stopped.

It’s a pity that it’s difficult to meet several times a year. I can only ask the fairies to come to the world to benefit our mortals!


The reason for the list: "This passionate red rose, I accepted it"

The floating skirts ignited the red dust, and the hard, cold black leather girdle reveals the gypsy style. I changed the sweet fairy style Nada this week, and the red dress was added to make a beautiful rose. The beauty is not amazing!

Zhang Wei

Listing reasons: "Retro points can also Wearing a full of celestial spirits

With a snowy white skin, it’s hard to wear a retro wave of scented Zhang Wei’s first appearance on the list this week, and it’s beautiful with a bold perspective. The figure, half-hidden and long-lived, a pair of long legs seems to be unable to see the end, simply do not leave a little living for us!

Prince Wen

Listing Reasons: "Wearing Pairs Dresses, small girls can also be two meters eight"

Who said that a little girl can't afford a dress? Our sub-text lady will let you face in minutes! This week, Wang Ziwen appeared in the event scene and wore a black embroidered dress and long skirt to hold the audience. The leather belt pulled out the long legs, and the gas field was two meters eight minutes. The most confident girl was the most beautiful!

Hailey Bieber

Listing reasons:"Oversize The best dressing model"

Hailey, who has been crazy about dog food after marriage, has recently been in a good state to fly, this time the look is amazing enough to be dressed as Oversize. Template. The blue silhouette suit and the belt of the same color, the layers of the boots echo, the white inside and the light blue jeans to reconcile the whole body, so the high dressing skill must be a point!

Learn to wear a pair of shirts,

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The reason for the list: "Fashion suits and big mixes"

@May Zhao

The reason for the list: "It's super fun to wear in black"


The reason for the list: "Purple yellow is too stunning, satin trousers 100 points!"

@阿 Hu

The reason for the list: "Minimal black and white temperament explosion table"


The reason for the list: "Oversize shirts wear fresh sports style"


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