Deng Wendi finally changed style, a sling doll skirt at least 20 years younger, change the hairstyle too young

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Deng Wendi finally changed style, a sling doll skirt at least 20 years younger, change the hairstyle too young

2018-12-25 20:25:21 480 ℃

Speaking of Deng Wendi, everyone used to call her the third wife of media tycoon Murdoch. As a woman full of "legendary", Deng Wendi has extraordinary emotional intelligence and IQ. Deng Wendi, who has been divorced for many years, is still quite perfect in his life and career.

Although he is 50 years old, his younger 20-year-old boy is still tall and handsome. Deng Wendi is not a traditional beauty, and even many people think that she is not beautiful enough, but for an independent woman with her own style, her charm is quite high. And like her character, her wear has always been unconventional.

For many people, 50-year-old dressing is a time-filled age, but Deng Wendi’s wear There is never a restricted area. For example, the pink girl's heart-shaped sequined dress echoes the strong religious sense of the main body of the banquet, and it is still particularly feminine.

Elegant Chinese style print skirt, full of Chinese classical elements of crane and plum print, plus classic blue and white color matching Fresh and elegant. Slim fit and feminine fishtail skirt design, especially temperament. Deng Wendi likes this kind of feminine hairstyle with her hair on one side. It has a retro sense of the 80s, which is very feminine. A pair of thin straps on the high heels, so stylishly dressed like a 50-year-old!

Deng Wendi loves all kinds of prints and fashion elements, such as this set of see-through tulle and sequined dresses, black and The golden color scheme is very earthy, but the domineering Deng Wendi can still wear his own taste.

On December 23rd, local time, Wendi Deng appeared on the streets of St. Barth Island in the Caribbean. This holiday-filled look is particularly age-reducing. Of course, it can be seen that Deng Wendi's maintenance is really good. After all, he is 50 years old.

The white doll's stitching skirt is embellished with blue embroidery at the stitching position, which echoes the cute eye pattern of the neckline. Fresh and childlike, especially with age reduction effect. The sleek fabric is light and sleek, with a sleek tassel shoulder bag that is simply too stylish.

Dong Wendi, who usually prints a look, this time the color of the clothing is exceptionally fresh, not only for the skin color. Extraordinarily ageing. This way I can really see the maintenance effect, saying that it is not an exaggeration to be 20 years old. Still admire Deng Wendi's courage, the sling style skirt is still not under pressure, it can be seen that the body has not been deformed for so many years!

A pair of big black super, wearing a classic straw fisherman hat, plus a pair of casual pin-toe flat bottom Sandals, cute and fresh holiday style is really beautiful, too young. Especially the hairstyle, the natural straight hair is directly combed on the back, plus the hat, no longer has the retro charm of the 80s, but a fashionable and small fresh feeling.

Deng Wendi finally changed style, A sling doll skirt is at least 20 years younger, and changing your hair style is too young! This holiday style is very different from the mature feminine style of wearing, but I still like this refreshing wear, really age-old and look good!