After winning Tang Yan, 160 Zhang Tianai crushed 170 + Xi Mengyao Guan Xiaotong?

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After winning Tang Yan, 160 Zhang Tianai crushed 170 + Xi Mengyao Guan Xiaotong?

2019-01-13 09:03:00 488 ℃
< p > Beauty in the same stage, the elder legs (easy) win! But when you meet a "small man" with excellent proportions, outstanding temperament and powerful temperament, tall people may also be compared.

Remember last year's Yang Rong, Zhang Tianai, Tang Yan and Tang Yixin were in the same stage. The same platform mercilessly exposed Zhang Tianai 168's Baidu height serious water flooding, and Baidu height 161 Yang Rong almost high. (There's not much difference in height between the two high heels.) Rounding around, Zhang Tian-ai's actual height is about 160 .

Although the height is 160, Tang Yanzhang Tianai who fought 170+not only failed, but also won a small victory.

Four in the same frame, Tang Yan is the highest, but Zhang Tianai is very eye-catching, good proportion of slender limbs, fair complexion, straight body, small black skirt for her gas field. On the contrary, Tang Yan, who has the advantage of height, takes a sweet route, has large curly hair and is somewhat disorderly, appears lazy and feeble. In contrast, Zhang Tian-ai is in a good state and has a strong air field. She is like a woman special agent who has seen the world. Compared with

, Zhang Tianai is the most outstanding female star.

won a handful of Tang Yan by air field. Recently, on the night of micro-blog, 160 Zhang Tianai and 170 + supermodel Xie Mengyao, Guan Xiaotong were in the same stage. What's the effect? On the evening of

, Zhang Tianai chose a fluorescent green long skirt with neck and floor, fluorescent green showing fat and black, but she deduced well and refined the picture like a peculiar mermaid.

More lethal is her back!

Unrepaired drawings are not as impressive as refined drawings, but the effect is still not so good. Neck and shoulder show her smooth shoulder and neck line, slender arms and a grabbing waist. One disadvantage is that the inflated sequins and the fat fluorescent green expose her wide crotch, but wearing such a fishtail dress, the slightly wide crotch is not a big disadvantage, but it appears delicate and delicate curve.

and the two 170+rivals she faced also performed well that night. Ximengyao relies on mini skirt to show her slender limbs, neat supermodel advantage, fashionable and delicate. Guan Xiaotong, who often makes mistakes on the red carpet, performed even better this time. The champagne gold dress matched with black, long and straight atmosphere was clever. The growing style and temperament gradually improved.

dynamic graph has good posture and full face collagen!

Faced with such a strong opponent, Zhang Tianai has little chance to win? But in the end she was brilliant.

In front of the camera, she is always in a "ready-for-war" state, standing gracefully, with a smile, and the fishtail skirt adds a feminine flavor to her. The overall elegance is quite delicate, which makes people want to see more! On the contrary, Xi Mengyao seems to be emptying all the way though he has the advantage of height. At the same time, the body is also somewhat loose.

img src="/1ydzximg/0L4m7RMF8X"/>p>br>p>p>and Guan Xiaotong's temperament, which is still young, needs to be experienced. When encountering the strength of Qi and field, the elegant and feminine Zhang Tian-ai is naturally inferior.

has met tall beautiful women several times without losing, and Zhang Tianai, who is not tall, tells you a truth truthfully: as long as you keep a good figure, have good posture, and have a strong temperament, even if you meet tall people, you can win!