Supermodel Candice is quietly kicked out of the Icon list, and the evening is not guaranteed!

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Supermodel Candice is quietly kicked out of the Icon list, and the evening is not guaranteed!

2019-01-13 09:03:00 1394 ℃, the authoritative model list, didn't know when the updates were coming. Yesterday, when I went to see the show this season, I took a look at my favorite models.

only then discovered that the popular supermodel Candice Swanepoel had been quietly kicked out of the Icon list and dropped out.


has been in the market for more than ten years, but has not been affirmed by the industry, like a dust that has never existed. It's a pity that

because she calculates a model with good personal characteristics. When the pheasant model Gigi Hadid can still rank in New Super, it's frustrating that Candice, who is better in everything, is kicked out of the list instead.

Fortunately, Candice is still on the Money and Exist lists, and is a relatively successful business model, making at least a lot of money.

Candice Swanepoel is world-famous for signing a contract with Wikipedia. Blonde hair and blue eyes are her trademark image. They have cooperated with Wikipedia for more than ten years and grew together. When you think of Candice, you think of Vimi, and so do you. When you think of Vimi, you think of Candice.

Although blonde hair and blue eyes are trademarks, Candice Swanepoel is not born blonde. More than a decade ago, when Candice Swanepoel first appeared in the world, he was criticized as an ugly girl because his nose was a little big and was a rare garlic nose among white people. He was rejected by Vimi. Later, he went home to have a cosmetic and blonde look and got everything he wanted in the fashion circle.

Candice's highest peak is the addition of Fantasy Bra, who has won tens of millions of dollars in Vimi! In that year, she was the most shining angel. It was about the same time that she became an Icon model at

Of course, over the past few years, Candice was eventually kicked out of the MDC Icon list, only to lament that "orchids blossom from time to time." This article will analyze why Candice suffered from this tragedy. <


< strong> Vimi was no longer the time when Vimi was the Vimi



Candice is also very grateful to Vimi. She has been in the world for more than ten years, and she still remembers her first heart. Today her Instagram name is Angel Candices!

, but Wei Ming is not the original Wei Wei. From the global feast to the national Tucao, the expectations of have been getting lower and lower. In fact, it is not as good as a year. In recent years,

, with the change from strength to popularity of Wimi's role selection, more and more models, less and less attention to design, and aesthetic fatigue of the audience.

not only as a fashion show, it has lost its place in the fashion world. The ratings of < strong > have fallen to 5 million over and over again. Last year, it has reached a record low of and even as a TV program, it has lost its status. You don't care much about it!

Because of the relationship between Vimi and Candice, people no longer pay attention to Vimi and Candice.

Although the lean camel is bigger than the horse, Vimi still has a certain market and some fans. '

< p> But''You can't guarantee others to treat each other sincerely with all your heart'', Candice is really very good to Vimi and remembers very much the kindness of knowing and meeting that year.

But Candice's ranking in Vimili has become more and more embarrassing in recent years. The Brazilian sisters spent the past two years with Fantasy Bra and then retired in turn, attracting the attention of the audience.

and the support of Weimi for the new couple, the only traffic was distributed to the new generation of angels.

After one year's childbirth without helping Weimi platform propaganda, this year's re-emergence of the status of Candice is more and more embarrassing , whether it can be praised as a sister or not is still unknown! After all, it's easy to change your mind. After Lima's retirement, there are four or five models coveting the position of a sister.

Candice has never liked to argue, but now she has to take care of her children. I'm not really optimistic about her becoming the new first sister of Vimi. <<



>> being dragged by too sesesesexually-sesexualize images <<<<

Candice is indeed a rare beauty with good stature, perfect facial features after cosmetic surgery and sweet temperament.

But it has been more than twenty years since supermodels appeared. Women's thoughts have changed dramatically. In an era of unprecedented feminist consciousness, they are unwilling to change themselves deliberately for men, so the word sexy is no longer attractive. In recent years, fashion brands such as Gucci have abandoned sexuality and opted for Ugly Beauty to be weird and particular.

and most of the brands have learned their experience in Balenciaga's turnaround and have taken to the streets of sports.

The change of fashion trend also determines the choice of models, just as Brazilian muscular male models have withdrawn from the market, and Andice, known for its sexuality, has also been chilled.

and Candice has been gradually forgotten by High Fashion because fashion circles can not advocate the aesthetic trend of "blonde hair and blue eyes" in recent years. <<



High Fashion achievements <<


>>< strong>>>>><>>><<

< p > Candice Swanepoel came out of Wimi and < strong > was positioned as a commercial model. Since the debut of

, most of the brands endorsed are beauty makeup, skin care, perfume and underwear.

In fact, Candice's large-brand ready-to-wear advertisements are not many, which can be described by countless fingers.

Tom Ford 2011秋冬

Miu Miu 2012度假

Oscar de la Renta 2012秋冬

Givenchy 2015秋冬

Givenchy 2016 Spring and Summer

Givenchy 2016

img src="/1ydzximg/0L4nbQPOF8"/>

When Candice stepped on Givenchy's spring and summer show as a brand model, he also fell down, which was also regarded as a high Fashion circle.

Candice Swanepoel, like Xi Mengyao, fell on a show of great concern. But Candice Swanepoel is not Xie Mengyao. She does not have the backing of big media, the advantage of racial pluralism aesthetic trend, and the achievement of Xie Mengyao in High Fashion. The results of

are of course quite different.

South African nationality, without media support

No matter in that era, the media support of the home country can be possessed. They all let a model have God's help.

Cindy Crawford's path to promotion is amazing. Although his achievements are not as impressive as the five supermodels of his peers, he still ranks the top five.


Tyra Banks has only one Vogue cover in his life, and only three or four months have passed since he was a first-line model, but he can still rank in Legends.

Liu Wen ranked New Supers when she did not unlock Vogue Italia and Lianzhuang Prada.

This is because behind Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks, Hollywood is the world's largest media backing, while behind Liu Wen is a luxury market with a population of 1.3 billion, as well as Chinese media.

But Candice Swanepoel was born in South Africa. South Africa does not have such a large media to support its own models, let alone its own fashion brand to enjoy world fame.

said so much that Candice Swanepoel fell out of the list, and finally can only lament the ruthlessness of the fashion circle.

As for Candice Swanepoel's future, whether she can turn over again or not depends on her creation.

Only hope that Candice can get better treatment before she quits the model circle, and get one or two top brand clothing advertisements, the most important thing is to be happy!

Candice can't get anything today. Hope his son Ariel can help his mother regain her honor.